Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Best of Chris Candido in WCW

1 The Artist v. Psychosis- 3
2 Lash LeRoux v. Candido- 4
3 CC v. Chavo Guerrero jr.- 4
4 Michael Modest v. The Artist- 3
5 CC v. Chavo Guerrero jr.- 2
6 CC/ Juventud Guerrera/ The Artist v. Lash LeRoux/ Crowbar/ Shannon Moore- 3
7 CC v. Shannon Moore v. The Artist v. Crowbar v. Lash LeRoux v. Juventud Guerrera- 2
8 Tammy Sytch v. Paisley- 0
9 New Blood v. Billionaires Club Battle Royal- 1
10 CC v. The Artist- 1
11 CC v. Crowbar- 3
12 CC/ Tammy Sytch v. Crowbar/ Daffney- 2
13 Daffney v. Crowbar- 0
14 CC v. The Artist v. Daffney- 0
15 CC v. Terry Funk- 5
16 CC/ Bam Bam Bigelow v. Kronik- 1
17 Triple Threat v. Buff Bagwell/ Kronik- 3
18 Buff Bagwell v. CC/ Bam Bam Bigelow- 4

Wow, there's so much to go through here. I'll start with the four's and single five, I think. When Candido first arrived, he had two pretty good TV matches with Lash and Chavo and they were really building his program with Chavo up on every Thunder. Him and Funk's famous stable brawl was the highlight for me; especially when Funk got kicked by a nearby stallion, and he cursed at it. The handicap with Buff had several decent near falls that entertained.

the 3's: Two matches involving the Artist that had botches that took away from the final score in otherwise good encounters. A six man tag, Russo style, that certainly entertained, so much I forgot they were supposed to be wrestling. Then, Candido and Crowbar tried in the midst of their respective slutty managers having a tame "catfight". Then, another six man that Candido did nothing in because he was wearing an air cast.

The 2's: CC and Chavo went for two minutes before a huge brawl ensued. The six way was where he won the Cruiserweight title, but was really only a vehicle for Tammy to get over. Then, there was a mixed tag that would have made Kamala wince at the work rate, but maybe had a stiff chair shot.

Now, the 1's: The New Blood- Billionaires Battle Royal: a complete and utter cluster fuck brain fart of an idea. First, random wrestlers were just running in the ring during the battle royal and were allowed to compete. Second, the ring was filled and no one would go out! It looked like someone dropped a hundred dollar bill on a New York City Street. It was an abolishment of the rules and regulations of battle royals. Andre the Giant probably would've shit himself had he been alive and been wearing Depends. Candido and Artist had a chicken shit match for 30 seconds and then let the women go at it. Whoopee! And Kronik managed to stink up another encounter, much like they did in their one night at WWE and at the EconoLodge the night before with Howard Finkel and a rubber dick.

And alas, there were some zeros: Tammy and Paisley, the night after a PPV? Who thought that would be fun? Russo? That fucking mark makes me sick! I read his piece of shit book and it frankly made me sick. He ruined what was left of WCW and I loathe him for it. Then, in a storyline that happened to have a match go along with it, Daffney and Crowbar were star-crossed lovers competing over the Cruiserweight belt, first against each other and then in a three way with Artist. What a gothic queen who has a hearing problem and a demented mechanic who got hired by a multi billion dollar company for no apparent reason(remember that horrible idea?) have in common, other than living in roach motels and eating the same undercooked Mexican food in the shithole restaurant next door is beyond me. RIP Chris.

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