Saturday, June 24, 2006

ECW One Night Stand 05

What can I say? ECW is back, so I took a look at what started it back again.

1 Chris Jericho v. Lance Storm- 6- A good back and forth, scientific match with great crowd heat. Both men were on par, shorter than I would've liked.

2 Little Guido v. Tajiri v. Super Crazy-4- This was an appetizer, a sample, a finger sandwhich of the matches they used to have in ECW. Another short match that with more time could have stolen the show.

3 Rey Mysterio v. Psicosis- 4- A two spot match with a weak finish. These two also had much better matches every where else they've competed and the ECW fans booed the 619 like they would a Shane McMahon promo. A toothpick match.

4 Sabu v. Rhino-3- What would ECW be without a thrown together match? It was short, and it wasn't pretty, but Sabu and Rhino did manage to get a little stiff.

5 Chris Benoit v. Eddie Guerrero- 6- Eddie stayed in character and Benoit stayed on point. A good, clean match that had a build up, but I felt it was rushed. Another match that's been done before and better that had more time. What is so important that they keep cutting time from these matches? Another invader promo? JBL makes me vomit on my first born. That's how sickening he is to me, to make me hurl on the most sacred thing in the world. I would love to tar and feather him, then drop him in an alligator pit.

6 Masato Tanaka v. Mike Awesome-6- Another good match between these two, but am I a broken record, "another shorter version of something they did that was great." Still, they put it out there, and both men had nothing to lose. They weren't going to be signed by WWE, so why not try and upstage their boys?

7 Dudleys v. Sandman/ Tommy Dreamer- 5- I found myself listening to the play by play in this match, when it actually got started and I remember when i originally saw this show, I got wrapped up in the BWO, the Buelah-Francine, all the guys showing up and the nostalgia. This time I really didn't care for all that, or really even the wrestling( which was as light as crumb cake in this match), but I gave credit for the heart displayed. Dreamer bled buckets, and took a sick fire bump and the other three fought hard, so i got drawn in a little. I applaud that ECW meant something so dear to them, as it did other people and they showed me that it did. But, again, well, actually this is the same match these guys used to have in ECW. What am i saying? So, love it or hate it, this was a success and ECW is back. In the immortal words of the Zombie, "ERreerrrrererrererrrrrr!"

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