Saturday, July 30, 2011

WWE SmackDown! 6/24/11

1. Sin Cara vs. Ted DiBiase – 4
2. Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan –5
3. Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett - 3
4. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel vs. The Usos - 2
5. Jinder Mahal vs. Yoshi Tatsu - 0
6. Kane vs. Christian - 5
7. Mark Henry and Christian vs. Randy Orton and Kane – 4

A sense of familiarity ran throughout this episode. I liked the opener. While overall not as good as Cara vs. Bryan (from SD! 5/13) this was the best pure showcase of Sin Cara yet. His acrobatic spots looked good albeit DiBiase looked a little silly constantly missing haymakers and clotheslines just to set up another head-scissors variation. Ted barely got in any offense but I dug his sit-out spinebuster. Rhodes and Bryan wasn't as good as their awesome SD! 5/27 bout but still solid. A rube at ringside had a McGuinness sign which had me hankering a screening of one of Nigel and Bryan's old classics. Daniel's pre-match mic work wasn't going to win over any of his critics but the wrestling was solid.

Barrett attacked Jackson from behind in the entrance aisle but still couldn't beat him in the end. This was slightly better than their match at Over the Limit '11 but not on par with their recent bout at Capitol Punishment '11. Jackson's Torture Rack barely seemed to be applied and Wade bounced around like a pair of tits sans sports bra from a chesty sophomore running the 40-yard dash. Following tag was fairly non-descript with nobody looking actively bad yet not rising to the occasion either. Slater got his knees up on a huge Uso top rope splash for the neat finish.

They should have booked Mahal to smash Tatsu summarily but instead it apparently never "officially" started as he and Khali just bullied and bumped Yoshi around. Christian was falling back almost into his '09 babyface persona using his speed and cunning to try to avoid the monster Kane's attacks and fend him off. He actually created some intrigue in a Kane singles, not the easiest feat, but the non-finish and subsequent tag match sort of wasted the momentum. Tag was shorter than the aforementioned singles, the booking logic (in short if Christian's team won he'd get a title shot) was flawed, but it set stuff up and Henry was booked strong (anyone else onboard for another Henry singles run?) so not a total letdown.

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