Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mike Mondo vs. Colt Cabana - ROH on HDNet 1/31/11

I've got thousands of matches on my laptop, all in a numbered queue system, and this morning I decided to use a random number generator to select a match for my consumption. Let's see what we get -- wait, match #474, oh, dear:

Mike Mondo vs. Colt Cabana - ROH on HDNet 1/31/11 - 4

Mondo was doing a "giant killer" persona i.e. Napoleon complex. Some nifty mat work by Colt wouldn't be complete without that ludicrous Dusty/Dude Love wiggling leg dance. Curiously Mike's flying headbutt blows Davey Richards' away which is strange considering. He went for it one time too many as Colt got the legs up for the sequel. Cabana apes more Rhodes sthick so he should probably just wear the yellow polka dots; wait, he's already done that, hasn't he? The finish was sort of weird/wonderful. It started out poorly as Mondo had Cabana up on the top buckle (presumably for a superplex) but then just gingerly placed himself on Colt's shoulders without much of a struggle. Then, Colt stood up, and dropped down letting Mondo's small frame bounce off of the top rope violently in an ugly spectacle (documented below in a poor quality still). After that it was the "Billy Goat's Curse" (anyone else noticed Orton ripped it?) and it's game over.

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