Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank 2011

So, this show has been the most hyped up for hardcore fans especially in a long, long time. I blew up everyone's email box with a suggestion to go in together and order the show. I honestly don't know the last I had as much fun watching a wrestling show, especially with the NHO crew. I was reminded of Mania this year and how the show lagged and no one felt a tenth of the excitement or intrigue this show produced. From the first bell of the first match we were into this show, and i was feeling as raucous as the Chicago crowd.

(Ps. Apologize for people already reading this, have upped my SD MITB score after posting this but felt strongly it needed to be seen)

1) Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match- 8
2) Brie Bella v. Kelly Kelly- 3
3) Mark Henry v. Big Show- 4
4) Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match- 6
5) Randy Orton v. Christian- 6
6) John Cena v. CM Punk- 9

The SD Ladder match pretty much made my pants explode. I was pontificating that this show (and Elimnation Chamber) is either some guy's favorite night of the year or least favorite. Sin Cara looked good early but got his back blown out, thinking he was Jay Briscoe circa 2001, by getting bombed through what we discovered (via keen eye) was a wooden ladder painted silver. The spots kept coming and coming, everyone upping the ante. Heath Slater could have made his career in one night, but balance and being a goof denied him that; we laughed so hard Adam's video cabinet nearby rattled and shook. The finish was the absolute most satisfying way they could have ended this one, and it felt akin to when Benoit picked up a Royal Rumble victory in '04, at least to me.

Dug the Bella's matching capes. Geo reminded us of Punk's famous Raw quote "At best, their 4's." Kelly Kelly seemed oddly proud and looked forward, robotically as she made her entrance, avoiding eye contact with any fan after the Orton interview where he outed her as being a super slut. Don't know if it was the energy but was digging Kelly bumping esp. her ode to trying to do handstands in the swimming pool as kids and falling slowly face first.

Henry is a monster, Big Show said "WWE fans have been waiting for him wake up for 15 years." Was he Sleeping fucking Beauty or something? Not sure what that comment meant. They started out pawing at each other like two near sighted bear cubs but didn't take long to turn up the intensity. Henry just mauled Show, who actually was doing some good selling, facially. Finish was clean as the suit pants you picked up from the laundromat to remove that unsightly stain from your secretary.....her grape juice i meant.

I wasn't as high on the Raw version of this match but in the end, there were so many crazy spots I can't not recommend this , if for nothing else than a huge fun factor. Everyone holding ladders at the beginning reminded me of one of the first Simpsons episodes where they all hit each other with foam mallets. Miz looked really good here, as did Rey, no surprise. Kofi seemed to be trying to step up, and carried himself like a main event guy. Truth was missing on all cylinders. Finish felt like that dream you have where you're falling out of the sky and the ground is coming closer and closer and you can't do a damn thing about it. We all lost our marbles watching Del Rio's slow fucked up descent.

After that, I started downloading mass amounts of wrestling from Geo's portable hard drive to my laptop and Brian dined on some gooey queso sauce. Donuts were passed out, i recalled the Billy & Chuck wedding and Geo seemed to be growing anxious for a Punk match.

Orton and Christian have already had more chapters in their book than a Dan Brown novel. But this one followed that slow methodical Orton pace as well. Christian was on; strange haircut, the focused method, pushing Orton's buttons; he's come a long way from big glasses and wisecracking at Jarrett's white pants. Crowd was super hot for this too, it helped what could have been a lagging effort with the pacing for effect. The ending spot, sptting in Orton's face as payback for Harley Race was excellent. Aftermatch stuff didn't really work as the table was constructed from what I can only assume was admantium but the crowd still ate it up like a Chicago deep dish.

Main Event time; atmosphere was second to none. The crowd had been chanting for Punk all night anyways, even during Show's stretcher job; sure that pissed the big galoot off. Some men win world Titles and never have a crowd treat them like this their whole careers. Truly a night I don't think many will forget. Cena is so good at making this stuff pop off the screen. Punching at the air, checking his knee for a kink, his facials after near falls, just adds a sense of realism that Hogan could never grasp and further cements Cena's place among the greatest of all time in our industry. Yep, I said it. The match went over 30 minutes and really showed, more so than any match I can think of recently, the value of having a molten hot crowd and utilizing the art of the nearfall to maximum capacity. People are going to say this reminded them of Hogan-Rock or the Candian Stampede match but this was so much more personal. Punk's open mic night that the world talked about should have made everyone in the WWE organization realize these guys don't need fucking scripts to sell this stuff. Okay, off my soap box. This had the feel of a Cena-HHH classic where nothing fancy is needed but I think it went beyond that scope, with storyline, epic crowd heat and both men at the absolute top of their game. Colt & Ace Steel ringside were mimicking the fans reaction beautifully throughout. Finish involved Vince and Johnny Ace, no surprise, but I think it had to happen and didn't detract from the overall story the match told. We all kind of ballied back and forth last night about what we would score this match, and 8 was the general consensus but I'm almost inclined to even score it higher as this is something all hardcore fans and most general fans will be able to appreciate, as this really was a once in a lifetime match and the two men involved hit a homerun with it. I gave Cena-Michaels a 9 and I think this was every bit as good honestly.

Overall do see this show- made WM 27 look like Hermie Sadler promoted it and even toppled Extreme Rules over like a Jenga tower.


Anonymous said...

Thought Cena's selling of the leg was shit, but everything else about the match was aces.

Brian said...

agreed on most points sans the Raw MitB recommendation.. - i'd give it a "5" just south of that status.. - just clunky as all hell, and with the SD! one being so insanely hot earlier, hard to follow in its tracks.. - even as a pure stuntshow spectacle I'm not even a quarter through the '07 CZW catalogue and have already seen at least 10 matches with nuttier bumps..

Geo said...

Hell yeah bumping that main up to a 9~!

Jessie said...

yeah probably good call in retrospect....i actually do feel that SD should be bumped up, so i did....didn't want to alter my score for Raw though since you commented, but think if i saw it again, would feel same way.....yep, Geo, as we always say, this is about recommending things to our readers and as high as a 9 is, i think every fan should see this show and that match in particular

Brian said...

"Heath Slater was pulling out the stops -- and.. DAMN WELL HE SHOULD!" from X-Pac's video review.. haha..

Jessie said...

please Waltman.....by pulling out all the stops did he mean botching his career making spot? haha