Saturday, July 2, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules 2011

1) Randy Orton v. CM Punk (Last Man Standing)- 7
So much to like here, from Orton's quick snap powerslam outside, the kendo shots, Punk's desperation kick, each part of this match built to the next. Most beautiful thing about this type of bout is you don't have to keep the pace up. Punk's table bump was flaccid though, HHH did it leagues better a few years back. Great ending, Orton should have used this before.

2) Kofi Kingston v. Sheamus (Tables Match)- 3
I wasn't high on this, is it just me or were they moving in slow motion? felt like a bunch of setups and no moves done here. Kofi took a nice wall bump and the finish, while problematic, looked damn painful.

3)Michael Cole/ Jack Swagger v. Jim Ross/ Jerry Lawler (County Whipping Match)- 2
i don't care, it's a leather strap match it at least gets a two. Anyone else feel like you could buy a night of creepy and altogether unsatisfying night of anonymous sex from the Anklelock? What i mean is that move has been prostituted on the level of Eddie Guerrero's memory by this promotion. love to hear JR call a match, hate for him to be in one.

4) Cody Rhodes v. Rey Mysterio (Falls Count Anywhere Match)- 5
you just know cody had been backstage back in '97 with his poppa, watching in awe of everything Rey did in the ring. Now, he got the chance to work with him and he's helping break out Rey classics all over the place, even though Rey is puffy these days, he's still one of the best. Few notes left this on the unrecommended side, one of Rey's sloppiest dives early on, and I think going back to the ring really felt like a bad decision. it's always awkward leading someone down arena stairs who isn't your girlfriend and there's no conceivable way it doesn't come off these two are working together during the up and down of that spot. The stuff at the bar was hot, the crowd was jumping, they should have totally taken out that mirror for the ending high spot.

5) Michelle McCool v. Layla(Loser Leaves Match) - 5
I'm not a fan of blondes but I've had some visions of Michelle's long legs wrapped around me- totally off topic. Sick face kick from the bat that Cro Cop hasn't pulled off since entering the Octagon. Some good back and forth, Layla was bumping for her pal, wasn't sure why they kept going outside though. Damn Taker and his old hips, he's taken Michelle off my tv.

6) Christian v. Alberto Del Rio (Ladder Match)- 8
This was a great match, layout was a huge bonus here. I kind of thought Del Rio's opening stuff was weak sauce, but he turned it up throughout the match. Christian had the look of a man ready to die in the name of bumps. He's done so many big matches and has always been the guy involved in all that TLC stuff to know how to pace things, set spots up that pay off later and make everything mean as much as possible. That happened here all night. Del Rio's elbow off the top through the ladder would fit in nicely in a 09 CZW show, which is a compliment. What the hell happened to Brodus? He left a pool of blood on the ground outside that was sick. Finish with Edge was pretty goofy but to me, it hit a positive note.

7) Big Show/ Kane v. Wade Barrett/ Ezekiel Jackson- 2
Funny how Barrett was main eventing a handful of ppv's last year and now he's involved in this; perhaps his opponents can give him some solace from their similar experience. Zeke hits a nice clothesline and yeah that's about it.

8) The Miz v. John Cena v. John Morrison (Steel Cage Match)- 8
I'm digging that a cage match gets a main event slot, even though to me, what's a cage match without blood? But, these guys found a nice alternative to that: tons and tons of near cage escapes and everyone in the match fighting to keep their opponents inside. There was some huge stuff going on here, I thought all 3 guys fulfilled their roles quite nicely. Cena is used to being the man holding together any main event he's thrown in, sort of like the Michael Caine in films. But here Miz was really great (his superplex bump from the top of the cage was absolutely insane!) and Morrison got tons of great opportunities to do his athletic stuff (great crotch bump on the cage door)This show is a must see.


Adam said...

Glad to see you enjoyed the show. Interesting that you gave the divas match at 5! That has to be some kind of record for a WWE divas match.

Jessie said...

I did....glad i saw it....I enjoyed that match....think there's a small list of Divas stuff we've liked over the years....Lita v. Trish from Raw main comes to mind