Friday, July 22, 2011

Jess and Geo Co-Rev -- CMLL Sin Salida 2010

CMLL - Sin Salida 2010 - Arena México

El Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara, Shocker & Ke-Monito vs. Psicosis, Olimpico, Alebrije & Cuije - G: 3 J: 4

G: So I honestly had no clue what the fuck was going on here. As per usual, we had legal man problems. The more and more I watch, the more and more I start to understand that regardless of who is in the ring, a pinfall will occur and the referee will count it. At one point we had all eight men in the ring hitting offense while simultaneously hitting lateral presses and pinfalls which were counted by the ref, regardless of who was pinning who. We also got one of my least favorite things in wresting EVER: multi-man pileup pins. We seriously had a four-on-one pin happen and the ref counted it. Fucking yuck. The only reason this garnered a "3" rating is the fact that Olimpico was laying his shit and just being a real asshole towards Ke-Monito, which made me laugh.

J: There's good and bad points here; legal man stuff, while the foundation of wrestling, isn't as prevalent in lucha libre so it doesn't bother me as much but there was a ton of stuff going on with everyone in at once. The mini's got annoying honestly. I really enjoyed La Mascara here, all his stuff looked tight, some good dives, played well with the comedy aspects of this too. Match had a good runtime but a lot could have been cut out.

Máscara Dorada, Mr. Aguila, Mistico vs Averno, Negro Casas, Volador Jr - J: 6 G: 6

J: This is the cream of the crop in CMLL, or was before Jean Paul raided their locker room. Most matches do feature Mistico heavily, this was no exception, he got his mask ripped fairly quickly as well. Agreed, some really nice superkicks like watching Chris Adams blow through a bunch everytime he wrestles. Mistico's big dive was tits, but i thought Mascara Doradas' was even more impressive since he dove from the ring and got height like I've not seen since those sky divers on 60 minutes a few months ago (they've since been used in the new Transformers film, which by the way, has any other beloved 80's children franchise been ruined any worse than this one?) Averno was solid, but as you said more in the background here. i didn't recognize Aguila much at all, but he was on too.

G: This was so much better than the opener. You can't even really compare the two. Mistico was absolutely killing it in this match. Early on we get a battle up on the stage which featuring Mistico flying off the platform onto the awaiting Volador 15 feet below, who took the brunt of Mistico's weight right on his chest. The match progressed in good fashion into the ring where there were actually some decent looking super kicks from Volador, which Mistico sold by flopping hard onto his lats. This match showcased Volador vs. Mistico. The other guys were simply there to fill the void. I would be remiss not to point out Dorada's excellent flying ability as he simply ascends the ropes by climbing up them and the flipping to the outside onto his awaiting opponents. Mistico also brought this great intensity by ripping off the masks of his opponents by tearing them off of their caras with one motion. Really great heat with some pretty insane high spots. Really fun match.

Rotoporky, Strongman, Rayo de Jalisco Jr vs Giant Bernard, Mascara Año 2000, Universo 2000 - G: 3 J: 4

G: Rotoporky was taking nutshots in the corner worse than any extreme ball-tapping I've ever witnessed or been a part of. Strongman reminds me of Joe Doering plus 50lbs of pure muscle that came about from sticking needles in the folds of arms. Along with all of these discoveries on my end, I have also found that Bernard looks more out of place than Motley Crue drummer Nikki Sixx at a rehabilitation facility. He spent the first part of the match meandering around the ring like a lost child in Walmart whose mom is behind the building free-basing a rock of Belushi. I was laughing my ass off watching Porky run to the the turnbuckle. Imagine a morbidly obese man running a marathon and you've pretty much got the visual needed. God, this match is worse than that shitty Tim Allen flick Christmas with the Kranks. The only draw to this match were the Bernard and Strongman exchanges. Other than that, kind of shitty. Match was about as pointless as Jason Vorhees' swimming buddy.

J: Loved your rant on this one. It doesn't warrant much conversation. What was the purpose of that nut shot segment? Wasn't even funny. What streaming website is your “nut tapping games” video available for me to share on Facebook? Bernard seemed perplexed as to what he should even do. I liked some of Jalisco's selling here but there wasn't much for him to do. Strongman is good in doses, and liked him eating a big front kick but no, this wasn't too good.


J: This is probably my favorite thing I've seen from Taichi, he seemed to be able to cut loose here and really perform instead of underwhelming in Japan when he's always working a better junior than him. Maximo look pathetically out of shape but he could really go. I actually liked the rollups, maybe there were a lot but they never lost the crowd with them, and they had good transitions in between. Maximo's tiger bomb won the match but i've not seen that move look as weak as it did here.

G: Taichi was taking it to the master of androgyny, Maximo. The forearms laid in by Taichi were quite well placed. The pacing of the match worked to an extent in that Taichi really was in control for the first half. In all honesty, that's probably why I liked the first half a lot better than the second half. After the first fall, Maximo gained the upper hand and worked an offense so bland it probably would've tasted like tofu. The roll ups got so monotonous during the match that I found myself wishing that the ref would just hurry up and count the fall. As my impatience grew along with the shenanigans, I began to think that Maximo was surely going to pull out the win. Taichi heeled it up by pretending to have been kicked in the dick by Maximo, which got the fans pissed and worked decently. Overall, though, monotony at it's finest.


Brian said...

between this, the upcoming Puerto Rico piece, etc. Geo is becoming the most negative critic in NHO history~!

Geo said...

I mean, my scores were only one point lower than Jess' on the tag matches minus the Mistico match. It's all about not handing over, I suppose. Fucking hated that PR tape, though.

Geo said...

Granted, I did rip apart that Bernard match, haha.

Jessie said...

this wasn't great by any means....I think i enjoyed PR much more