Friday, July 15, 2011

WWE Monday Night Raw 1-17-11

Little Rock, AR

1.) Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov vs. The Usos - 2

This match up included pretty much everything you'd expect from a Marella match. Your basic template of comedy and making the other guys look like fools by losing to being poked in the neck. The Usos, however, are growing by leaps and bounds. Their resilience as a tag team is great -- no matter how many times they lose or are made to look like crap, I still enjoy seeing them on my TV. Marella and Koslov? That's a different story.

2.) Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison - 4

In a match that you'd expect to be great, this one fell flat, but still wasn't bad. The whole point of the match was to show the neck-and-neck abilities of Morrison and Danielson, which obviously doesn't exist as Danielson is much more competent in the ring, but Morrison definitely has his strong points. Morrison's Shining Wizard-esque knee was really nice looking, and the finish wasn't too unbelievable as it seemed he made good connection with Danielson's skull.

3.) Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler - 5

This match had a hell of a lot of potential. One of the biggest names in the company vs. one of the fastest rising guys on the roster has great match written all over it. This didn't disappoint. Ziggler looked amazing in this match. His selling and his great in-ring shined through. Orton did a good job working with Zig, and making his offense look killer. The finish was delicious, seeing Orton turn Ziggler into a pile of limp skin after hitting him with a sweet RKO variation. All around a really great match to get Ziggler over as a serious talent within the company

4.) Maryse vs. Natalya - 2

Nothing short of being short here. Maryse's selling was on good display, especially her selling of the sharpshooter. I was happy with her work because she remembered to sell the back after the match was over... for like a minute. She magically healed when DiBiase came out to the ring. Girl, please.

5.) Mark Henry vs. Ted DiBiase (over the top rope challenge) - 2

Pointless kind of match. Thing was, after the match a bunch of guys came out to try to throw Henry over the top rope. Nobody could. Things got better when Sheamus came out. His elimination looked great -- straight up side belly to belly over the top rope. Sheamus sold it like he fit face first. Love that dude. This match? Not so much.

6.) CM Punk vs. John Cena - 6

You can't see this and not expect something great to happen. Punk looks like he hasn't missed a step while he was out with his injury. Really good pacing throughout the match, building to a climax that seemed like it would've ended when Punk locked in the Anaconda Vice. Cena's face was priceless here -- almost a look of surprise and fear knowing that he was locked in a submission. Cena hit his sweet legdrop from the top rope, which Punk milked great, taking forever to get up while Cena was perched on top. The fin was purely angle-development, but throughout the match there was good teasing for the GTS and AA. Good match.


Jessie said...

"All around a really great match to get Ziggler over as a serious talent within the company"......think you spoke a little too soon....still isn't a big player yet....for some reason the little I see of the Uso's i've liked them too

Brian said...

the Uso's looked amazing on Superstars last night (v. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty).. - one of the top five WWE tag matches of the year..

yea, that's the problem with reviewing current TV and posting it months down the road, sometimes it looks weird out of context later..

Jessie said...

okay you officially piqued my interest....will be watching that now

Geo said...

Remember, though, Ziggler was being groomed to take on Edge at the time for the strap. Then, like Lucifer, he fell from grace... except Ziggler cut and dyed his hair.

Brian said...

praise.. but not as high praise as on the surface seeing how bad the '11 tag landscape has been.. - still.. after watching some 2 Tough Tony i needed a break and watched Superstars late last night.. - offhand this is what i recall (but i'm probably missing some small details):

Jey made Ortunga's opening shots look more devastating than DO has ever looked..
- the ringpost bump and subsequent bump from a dropkick off the top the floor were insane for an Internet show..
- Jimmy's slumping sell coming out of the DO corner clothesline..
- he also had some good facials in a chinlock (kudos to the prod. team for the extreme close-up)..
- loved the Samoan Drop counter.. -
- the hot tag sequence was good
- both the savate kicks were stiff as hell
- the "Superfly Splash" was on par with some of Snuka's
- cool booking cog seeing the Uso's beat the current champs.. felt meaningful in the big picture which a lot of SS doesn't get to

been digging SST on the AWF project so nice to see the latest incarnation.. - SS always brings the quality in-ring goods.. so many gems fall through the cracks..

Jessie said...

sounds like this is ranging in the 6 area.....will check it out....poor tag wrestling....the damn Monday Night Wars killed it dead.....SST are brutal on AWF....was hoping to see them lock up with another name team....haven't yet though

Brian said...

yea.. know you're not a fan of highly rating shorter matches and this doesn't get much time (inc. a comm. break) but i'd safely give it 5-6 undoubtedly..

yea.. highest rate of theirs is one the first things I saw them v. Hubert Simpson/Pretty Boy Floyd which I have at #25 currently.. - such a fun squash w/ them embarrassing Hubert.. - i think my top #10 will be quite diff. than others'

Jessie said...

oh just saw that SST squash....most fun squash i've seen in a long time....will do well on my ballot.....funny seeing Punk v. Cena review here.....that match last night was epic