Sunday, July 24, 2011

WCCW Christmas Star Wars 1985

Dallas, TX

1) The Missing Link vs. Jack Victory – 2
2) Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts vs. David Peterson & Mark Youngblood – 3
3) Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez vs. Kerry & Kevin Von Erich – 5

I laughed at Jack Victory calling himself “the New Jersey heart throb”. He clearly belongs nowhere near the Jersey Shore, if you catch my drift. He was caught in quite a “situation” here with Link hitting his big stuff and Victory taking it like a champ. Post match brawl with Link and Rick Rude was more physical than anything in the match itself. Peterson and Youngblood kept Gordy and his perm down by working the knee early. I was hoping to see Gordy stiff these fools so I was a bit disappointed in the fact that it seemed like he was taking it easy. Peterson was the best of his team and I’m beginning to think that time may have forgotten him because his offense, much like his dirty porn stache, was great. Adams had a fantastic sell of Kerry’s discus punch early on. Kerry was throwing some hard shots on offense, including a real hard one to Gino’s ribs. The double claw spot from the Von Erichs was really nice and had the crowd going crazy. Really liked Kevin dropping hard knees to Adams’ shoulder. Thought the over-the-top DQ finish was a cheap way to finish as I was enjoying everything up to that point. The dissention spot between Adams and Gino started the seeds for a break-up and feud between the two.

4) The Grappler & The Great Kabuki vs. Brian Adias & Iceman King Parsons – 4
5) Lance Von Erich vs. Rick Rude – 4
6) John Tatum & Missy Hyatt vs. Scott Casey & Sunshine – 4

Second half opened with a pretty good tag match based around a feud between Brian Adias and The Grappler. I was not impressed at all by Adias. His headlocks were expressionless, much like a Joey Votto at bat, and he sort of felt in the way. Grappler was my favorite in the match by far. He was just pummeling people hard and tossing them around the ring without any care in the world. As always, Rude’s bumping and selling were top notch. Lance’s move of choice seemed to be armdrags as he used them quite a bit. Not sure if I by the ending with the referee getting poked in the eye and still being able to see Percy Pringle stick a cane in the corner and call for a DQ. This really didn’t do much for me as it seemed like they were coasting. Haven’t seen much Scott Casey, or John Tatum for that matter, so this could be interesting. As expected, the guys worked the bulk of the match with Tatum doing some great heel mannerisms, strutting and tripping Sunshine when she got her first tag of the match. The stuff between the two girls was about was you would expect, them just sort of rolling around and slapping each other. Sunshine showed some fire though. Nice finish with Sunshine knocking Tatum off balance on the ropes and Casey getting the pin.


Brian said...

dude.. John Tatum is fucking awesome.. - i grew up watching him all the time on Global and he was a great chickenshit heel

Anonymous said...

Amazing how much the Star Wars shows fell of over the years, talent wise. WCCW really fell off the cliff quickly.