Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ROH on HDNet 7/26/10

1) Kings of Wrestling v. Josh Emmanuel/ Ice Jackson- 3
2) Kings of Wrestling v. Adam Cole/ Nick Westgate- 2
3) Kings of Wrestling v. Briscoe Brothers- 2

Opening series of matches was all a gimmick for the Kings to dominate some teams, and damn did they. Ice Jackson had enough potatoes in this match to never order another one at a restaurant again. But I loved some of his knockedout facials. In our 2nd bout, it was quicker, only thing of note was a couple of really good dropkicks from Cole that would have put a smile on the sourpuss of Bill DeMott during Tough Enough. Final match was pure 80's; Briscoes come out dressed as two generic ninjas (although lacking the dollar store plastic swords we'd adorn as kids) and just toppled the champs in unimpressive fashion.

4) Dark City Fight Club v. American Wolves- 3

Was starting to get into this, because, of all things unlikely, Richards odd selling when grounded. He was really getting into that aspect of the game. I hated all the Wolves moves; where both DCFC guys have to stand there looking too dumb to realize they have the numbers and still get beat up. Legal man issues.....ah hell, who cares about that, this was just a mess during the end, add in the Embassy and you've got a recipe for disaster.

5) Roderick Strong v. Christopher Daniels- 5

i thought the opening matwork was as clunky as Link wearing the Iron Boots. Martini used to work small shows near our hometown; he looks even more creepy now. Strong used to stand out with body type, chunkiness and muscular, but now he looks like a twerp, even compared to Daniels, who's largely been coasting on reputation and the same schtick for far too long. I went into this match wanting to see something new from him. I did fancy Daniels pushing Roddy away after a vicious chop instead of just absorbing a bunch of them like most indy Supermen. These guys found a good rhythm towards the end, that even threw in ref stuff, manager interference, and they kept it going in impressive fashion.

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