Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memphis by Midnight :: Across the USA

Jerry Lawler vs. Ric Flair (8-14-82) - 5

In his greatest attempt to possess the coveted NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Lawler would beguile Flair into putting the belt on the line in a match that was originally supposed to have Flair facing a jobber, non-title. Jerry's mic skills were on great display here, showing how he could twist his words and seem cool and confident while doing so. Flair thought he had Lawler in the palm of his hand, but Lawler kept hanging in there with Flair, rolling around on the mat and catching Flair for reversals like a bug zapper catches a mosquito. Flair did a great job selling, making Lawler look like a serious threat to his status as champion, and Lawler got his chance to prove his legitimacy as a wrestler and took it. Nice display of grappling and nice display of showmanship.

Jerry Lawler vs. Nick Bockwinkle (10-25-82) - 7

This match actually took place in ICW, but what the hell, we'll count it. Bock was the champion at this time and Lawler was challenging for his title. Bock kept some great wrist control on Lalwer throughout the first portion of the match, which Lawler made seem like he has about two tons laying on his arm. This made Lawler's come back that much better. Lawler also showed some great intensity by flinging Bock's head to the turnbuckle. Lawler's comeback was also so fully energized it looked like it was happening in fast-forward. Lawler was on his A-Game tonight - and Bock sold like a sleek car salesman: awesomely.

Jerry Lawler vs. Nick Bockwinkle (11-8-82) (NoDQ) - 4

This match, while it showed some promise and had some fun in ring, had a huge fundamental flaw with it- that being that it was a NoDQ match and neither man really did anything that would garner a DQ, necessarily. The most cheating thing that happened during the match was Lalwer covering Bock's face with a towel. There was a pretty bad ref bump in the match which led to Jimmy Hart coming down and hitting Lawler with a cane. Why? It's NODQ. That flaw really made this match stick out in a sore thumb, but the in-ring was good, especially Bock's famous bumping.

Jimmy Hart vs. Jackie Fargo (11/8/82) - 1

Well this can't be good. We start the match with Fargo whipping Hart with a strap -- something nobody would even want to see for free. The match included whipping, playing "horsey," and de-pantsing. Why didn't I just hit fast forward?

The Fabulous Ones (Stan Lane & Steve Kirn) vs. The New York Dolls (2/3 Falls) (11/13/82) - 2

Steve Kirn was the standout of this match -- a fiery temper and high level of intensity made this match. Dream Machine took a hip toss on the floor which HE DIDN'T SELL followed by a bodyslam on said floor that HE DID SELL. What? Post-match after the first fall saw a decent brawl on the outside. The first fall was just too nuts and lacked any cohension and any sense of order.

The second fall seemed to be a bit more coherent for the first minute or so until things started breaking down. Ref had absolutely no control -- that can be good or bad, but in this case it just made the match seem unorganized and added to the "blah" factor. Let me tell you how unorganized this was: first fall was a no decision due to craziness with no winner. Second fall saw The Fabulous pick up the win when Hart interfered. THERE WAS NO THIRD FALL. I think they ran out of TV time. Just no.

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