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CHIKARA "Creatures from the Tar Swamp" March 13, 2011

1. Jakob Hammermeier vs. Green Ant- 3

Jakob was apparently trained by Claudio and Ares, but looks greener than verdant veggies. His selling of the knee wasn't bad, but nothing set him apart from anyone sitting the crowd. Green Ant's offense is starting to come out more and more every time he gets in the ring. His transitions between holds are getting smoother and smoother with all of the experience he gets. His leg work on Jakob looked really clean, but putting Jakob in the ring so soon isn't a good idea.

2. Tim Donst, Pinkie Sanchez & Tursas vs. The Osirian Portal - 6

There was some really great offense in this match. Gresham (Hierecon) was busting out arm drags and quicker than The Flash making a trip to China. Donst and Tursas worked over Ophidian, hitting this really nice lariat/backbreaker combo. Ophidian's fluidity throughout the match was on great display as well. There was this really great sprint at the end that saw Pinky eating all types of nasty strikes and moves, including a particularly disgusting looking lightning spiral by Gresham. The match built and built until climaxing with an explosive finish. Really great finish to a really good match.

3. The UnStable vs. 3.0 - N/R

More angle development with Vin Gerard "attacking" who I assume was Scott or Shane's girlfriend...?

4. Sara Del Rey vs. Toshie Uematsu - 6

Hell yes! Sara was bringing it to Uematsu, raking her eyes and stomping on her back like a fiend. The size advantage of Del Rey came into play with pie-faces and shoves, but Uematsu got fired up and started taking it to Del Rey. I loved Uematsu's screaming and general insanity-laced offense -- she does a back bridge better than that backstage bopper Melina ever did. The Joshi element kept coming out as both wrestlers were hitting high impact moves like a nice German and powerbomb by Del Rey and a sweet superkick by Uematsu. Really good striking and power moves plus a perfect amount of time made a really good match.

5. Lumberjack Match: The Throwbacks vs. The Roughnecks - 6

I'm really expecting to see some great stuff here. Throwbacks have taken the intensity up a notch with this feud, so it should be on display here. I loved the strike exchange between Brodie and Sugar. Sugar really is stepping up his game and looks really great. Brodie brought that great stiff, don't-give-a-crap attitude to the ring that I love to see out of him. Dasher played it up on the apron, jumping around in anticipation of the tag from the brow-beaten Dunkerton. The Throwbacks had this great pinning combo where Dasher held Grizz and Dunkerton hit the leg drop for a great nearfall. Brodie's Dragon Suplex on Dasher was sick, who took the bump right on his neck and sold it like he got hit by a truck. We got a dive sequence by the Throwbacks who took out both the rudo and technico lumberjacks, with Marshe Rocket taking the brunt of Dunkerton's dive. Really loved the fin, featuring Dasher duct-taping Brodie's feet to the post and Dunkerton hitting a huge senton on Grizz for the pin.

6. Obariyon vs. Frightmare - 5

There was some really great wrestling and counter-wrestling going on early on in the match. Obariyon really showed how sound he is in a catch-style match, which built up to a power-move segment featuring a great Chaos Theory style German that Frightmare sold fantastically by whipping his head back on the backlash and slamming his head on the mat. Frightmare busted out one of his signature smooth dives, followed by a QD3-like maneuver. The action moved to the outside in which Frightmare took a back cracker on the apron that made me smile. A bit short, but what the two fitted into the time allotted really worked well.

7. Sinn Bodhi vs. UltraMantis Black - 4

Quite an interesting match. I wasn't really expecting much because I've seen what Bodhi can do in the ring, but this match was actually not half bad. There was a really great element of hate between the two after Bohdi stole Mantis' Dark Army. I loved the demented way that Bodhi was ripping the mask of UltraMantis off, exposing his face. The brawling on the outside was well-executed, with Mantis eating all kinds of unorthodox offense. His selling in the ring was really great, too, wobbling around like a weeble. While nothing was technically outstanding, the match was still decent due to the fact that Bodhi went all out and really showed a brawling side of himself I didn't know existed.

8. The Colony vs. Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw - 6

This match was really great. Quack maintained hell of a lot of wrist control over Soldier Ant in the beginning, but Soldier Ant would show his mat skills by countering some of Quacks attempts. Fire Ant's striking was on great display. His kicks connected to the cranium of Quack like Chris Rock connects to an African American audience. First fall came out of nowhere with a cradle by Soldier on Quack, whose face was priceless at the sight of such a travesty. The next fall saw Quack's arm getting worked over by the Colony, which was where the arm psyche came into play. Jigsaw remained on the outside until a fiery explosion of a tag led to him coming in and beating the Colony's antennas. There was a decent strike exchange between Jig and Fire which saw the two not pulling any punches. Solder hit the CHIKARA special on Jig, but Quack made the save by putting Soldier into a CHIKARA special of his own. The match progressed and Fire got Quack into an armbar that Quack sold like it was being severed. Really hot sprint at the end and you've got a hell of a match.

9. Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli - 6

So I expect to see a lot of stiffness here on the part of King. King rushes the ring and starts laying in some right hands on the dome of CC. The fight would commence to the outside where a great sequences of strike exchanges took place. Progressing, King would be beaten down by CC, with the fans growing sympathetic and anxious, waiting to see King take it CC. King's come back (don't call it one) was great as he dished out nasty strikes to CC that were nastier than the sandwiches they serve out of truck stop vending machines. Such a great element of hate was present in the match, and the hate was etched in the faces of both men, especially King, who chopped and sliced CC down to the mat with one blow after another. I mean, this is how you do a real feud. Both guys just go out there and beat the piss out of each other. Sabado was heeling it up with a slow count, much to the chagrin of King, who headbutted the dude right in the forehead, garnering a yelp from my end. Bryce rushed the ring to count the nearfall. King and CC would continue to exchange strikes and power moves to one another until Sabado came to and pulled Bryce out of the ring. Donst came down with a chain, fed it to CC, who wrapped it around his forearm and hit a European uppercut on King for the pin. Hopefully we see this feud continue. I think we will seeing what happened afterwards. You best watch it to find out!~

Match Avg: 5
See: The whole F'N show.


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