Sunday, May 8, 2011

Watts Is It #3

Ok, this disc is a conundrum. It says MS 82 on on the top half but the bottom half says “3-8-85, 3-15-85”. Online matchlistings don’t match up with what’s on here so I have no clue as to the actual dates.

First Episode –
Announcers: Jim Ross and Joel Watts

1) Buddy Landell vs. Butch Reed – 3
2) The Dirty White Boys (Len Denton & Tony Anthony) vs. Tommy Pritchard & Pvt. Terry Daniels – 4
3) Terry Taylor & Iceman King Parsons vs. The Blue Demon & Paul Brown – 1
4) Chavo & Hector Guerrero vs. The Rock N Roll Express – 4

Landell sold Reed’s punches like he was getting hit with bricks. Reed no-selling Landell’s comeback. Landell made a career out of ripping off Flair but damn could he bump around. Watts calls a shoulder tackle a forearm. Huh? Glorified squash but fun. Chop exchange between Denton and Pritchard was crazy! White Boys throwing some stiff offense. All four of these guys would have varying degrees of stardom throughout their career. Daniels had some good selling and Pritchard’s offense was really hot. Short, fun bout. Demon couldn’t take a back drop worth a shit. Brown came in, got beat around, and pinned. Not much else to it.

Haven’t seen much RnR Express in Mid-South so this should be a treat. Hector looks so much like Eddie its uncanny. Chavo got in a good spin kick to Morton’s stomach. Typical RnR formula with Morton working the face-in-peril segment. How great was Morton’s facial selling? Couple spots where there were some legal main issues, especially in the final act where the ref counts Morton’s fall even though Gibson was the legal man. Chavo’s flying body press to the outside was pretty cool. Very interesting finish were Guerrero’s had Morton in a double surfboard and Gibson crawled in-between and got the pin. Would’ve gotten a higher score if more time had been allotted.

Second Episode –
Announcers: Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

1) Tim Horner vs. Terry Taylor – 4
2) Gino Hernandez vs. Tommy Pritchard – 3
3) Dr. Death & Ted DiBiase vs. Pvt. Terry Daniels & Brad Armstrong – 4
4) The Barbarian vs. Shawn Michaels (~!) – 3
5) Kamala vs. Iceman King Parsons – 3
6) The Dirty White Boys vs. Dave Bowman & Mike Jackson – 1
7) Kerry Von Erich vs. Buddy Landell – 4

First bout had a really fast pace. They exchanged standing switches and reversals and holds on the mat that were crisp. Horner was pasty as a ghost. Suprisingly quick finish with Taylor getting the pin on a backslide. I was actually liking this but would’ve like to have seen it get some more time. Gino delivered a hard back elbow in the corner and got a couple good kicks in. Pritchard busted out an enziguri. Wow! An enziguri in the mid-80s! Both Gino and the future Body Donna Zip looked pretty good. Liked the falling back elbow from the ropes that Gino used as a finisher. Doc is just so thick and I was amused by Daniels trying to shoulder block him down. Exchange between Armstrong and DiBiase was quite good. Wild ass cross body from Daniels takes out the referee. Armstrong did the majority of the work for his team and sold effectively.

Are you shitting me? Shawn in Mid-South! He took a hell of a beating from the future Berzerker here who was very vocal in the ring. Michaels got zero offense in and Barbarian airballed a short clothesline. Kamal and Iceman started off hot with them just brawling and pummeling each other. Iceman sold his shoulder quite well. Kamala’s offense is so unrefined but just so damn hard hitting. Match eventually broke down with a brawl between Parsons, Kamala, Hercules, and Butch Reed where the highlight was Kamala taking a big bump off the top rope. Bowman moved with all the speed of a turtle, hit the ropes like a slug, and just reeked of failure. Good thing Anthony and Denton put him out of his misery rather quickly. This is Kerry in his prime and the Kerry I like to see, not the drugged up shell that he would eventually become in later years. Landell again bumped around good for Kerry and caught him with a couple good shots. Landell kicked out of a discus punch that I thought would be the fin. A squash in essence but a lot of fun.

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