Saturday, May 14, 2011

Best of HWA 2005 (Disc 2 of 2)

1) James Gibson vs. Rory Fox – 3
Some pretty good chain wrestling to start out with. Pretty evident that this was recorded on VHS due to the fact that every once in a while the phrase “video calibration” flashes on the screen. Gibson, the former Jamie Noble, had a great sell on a vertical suplex on the floor. Both guys were pretty vocal as well, Fox on offense and Gibson when selling. Fox used the ringpost to assist him on a bow and arrow submission hold that didn’t light the world on fire. Nearfalls were good but the crowd didn’t pop for anything. Ref bump was pretty strange with the referee seemingly just walking right into the spot. Not much here to see.

2) Shawn Osborne vs. Shark Boy – 2
In my opinion, Shark Boy’s act is so stale that I don’t care if I see another one of his matches ever again. Liked Osborne’s facials when he was applying a half crab. Shark Boy does a good job of doing some physical selling in a figure four. Osborne sells his shoulder after running into the ringpost by simply placing his opposite hand on it and forgets to sell it for the rest of the match. He also sells a jawbreaker like he stumbled out of bed into the kitchen in the middle of the night looking for some late night munchies. The big nearfall spots would have worked better with a livelier crowd. Random interference from Matt Stryker causes a rather abrupt end to a somewhat decent match.

3) Dick Rick vs. Tack – Falls Count Anywhere Match – 4
First five minutes of this was more enjoyable that the first two matches on here combined. Thought these two had a pretty decent chemistry and worked pretty well together. Enjoyed the brawling segments on the outside. Tack had a pretty wild top rope suplex and Rick took a wild spill off the bleachers. Pretty sloppy top-rope frankensteiner from Tack to the arena floor. Rick and his Robbie E style trunks bumped around suprisingly good. Tack’s chops had some force behind them too. Pretty fun little bout here, little rough at parts, but overall not bad.

4) Shawn Osborne vs. Rory Fox – 3
Ten minutes in and these guys haven’t done a thing to impress me. Seems to me like they’re trying to work this big, epic match by working in a pre-match staredown and the announcers putting this over as the match of the century. Crowd brawl seemed to me like they used it as a crutch to try to cover up for some ring work that was, quite honest, pretty boring. Twenty minutes in and it doesn’t feel like they’re working towards a climax yet. Fox hit an acceptable double underhook suplex from the top rope. Osborne’s facials are most likely the same as the facials he had when he rid himself of some Taco Bell later that evening. Fox doing Frankenstein arms while in a stand up sleeper was an interesting way to sell it. Finally, at the 35 minute mark, they start the climax with a ref bump and then a double pin followed by a restart ordered by some random girl with a microphone. First few minutes after the restart were probably the best part of the match. I think if about 20 minutes would’ve been shaved off this, it would have been a little bit better but when two guys who have no business going 40 minutes go 40 minutes in a match where it seems like they never kick it out of first gear, that to me sounds like a cure for insomnia.

5) Lotus vs. Tack vs. Viper – 5
Viper, the most generic look ever with a black mask and all back gear. This is worked in the early going like a handicap match until Viper breaks up a pinfall attempt. Noticed Lotus hiding under the ring after taking a cross body on the outside. Tower of Doom spot is pulled off pretty much perfectly. What is with Viper doing these random poses? Oh shit, Lotus went headfirst into the guardrail on a suicide dive. Noticed him blatantly blading aftewards. Could barely make out what was happening during parts of the crowd brawl since the camera kept going in and out of focus. Tack did a giant dive off the balcony area. Ref bump was telegraphed which led to interference from some random dude who give Tack an implant DDT on the floor. Good payoff at the end with Viper unmasking as Crazy J and busting out some wild ass move that looked like a flip piledriver off the top rope with the crowd just going nuts.


Anonymous said...

Crazy J/Jake Crist's top rople flip piledriver is called The Suicide.

Jessie said...

is Shark Boy still employed at TNA?....i remember liking Dick Rick back in the secretly hoping that Osbourne 40 min. snoozer gets you off the HWA kick....

Adam said...

Yeah Jess, I think that 40 minute snoozer has turned me off of HWA for a while.