Friday, May 13, 2011

ECW on Sci-Fi 4/22/08

1. Tommy Dreamer & Kelly Kelly vs. Mike Knox & Layla - 1
2. Jimmy Wang Yang vs. John Morrison - 3
3. Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin - 4
4. Mark Henry vs. Nunzio - 2

Opener was real bad. Dreamer looked like an idiot, the way he moves around the ring due to bad knees and years of treating himself like shit is laughable, looks like Roseanne Barr in an ECW t-shirt. Kelly's cup size was considerably smaller then. Yang, who now runs a pest control business in my town (not kidding) had a bout with Morrison that was kind of fun but far too short to be indelible. They did the old surprise finish with Yang catching Morrison (and the audience) off-guard with a moonsault. Clear to see why they stopped having Kofi use the stereotypical Jamaican accent -- a backstage bit had his acting as believable as Dr. Zoidberg denying he'd ate a platter of oysters someone left out in the kitchen. Some decent limb work featured but the finish was flubbed as Kofi tried to spin underneath a Benjamin kick while pulling off his Trouble in Paradise kick that sort of slapped Shelton's back awkwardly but they played it for a KO. Main event was a quick squash -- liked Henry better then as a monstrous beast and not the smiling imbecile he portrays nowadays. There was an edition of Edge's Cutting Edge talk-show with special guest Kane that saw Edge and his pack of goons attack but it wasn't entirely crap as Kane sold a chair to the knee like Nancy Kerrigan. I guess that'd make Chavo the Tonya Harding so I wonder if that means he's got an embarrassing amateur porno floating around where he has torpedo tits and bangs a guy with a truck-stop mustache?


Jessie said...

Would you rather watch WWE Dreamer or TNA Dreamer?.....have to love a Zoidberg reference....

Brian said...

after seeing him and Styles beat the hell out of each other at Sacrifice '11 I'd say I'll take TNA Dreamz