Sunday, July 29, 2007

Japanese Harcore Wrestling Vol. 8

1 Ozuki & Takako v. Dump Matsumoto & Shark Tsuchiya (Weapons Match)- 3

2 Mr. Pogo v. Matsunaga (Glass board, Fire & Barb Wire Death Match)- 3

3 Hero & Kudo v. Morohashi & Toba- 7

4 Daisuke Sekimoto v. Mad Man Pondo (100 Fluorescent Light Bulbs Match) - 6

5 Haruyama v. Akino- 5

6 Ito/ Abdullah the Kobayashi/ Numasawa/ Gosaku v. Kanemura(Dough Boy)/ Yamakawa/ Shadow WX/ Bad Boy Hido (Hardcore)- 4

The first match was like watching a womens' prison gang rape, without the rape. There was even a little dude that had a jacket that read "police" on it, who was getting tossed around. Pogo and Matsunaga are 2 worn out death match veterans that really had no business doing this match. Actually, whoever the promoter had no business putting this on: to douse the roaring flames, we saw several half filled buckets of water at ringside, at least 7 feet away from where Matsunaga was burning inside a velvet coffin. One funny spot saw Pogo jerk a strand of barb wire in his eye, then him squeal and bounce away like a hurt dog. He also got kicked in the face really hard and fell like a ton of bricks.
The tag match was exciting, really engaging and had a good bit of time to it. Not sure who any of the four were, but they could go. Toba sported boxing gloves off and on in the match, and laid in more punches than a night of me and my friends playing Fight Night. He threw some legit strikes that were right on the mark. Some other innovative high spots peppered throughout made this a very pleasurable thing to watch. Sekimoto bled and bumped his way into my heart in this absolutely brutal hardcore spectacle. Local indy worker Mad Man Pondo traveled halfway across the world, with his buddy 2 Tough Tony to puss out on a lariat spot to light bulbs and completely murder a man on Digital Video Disc for me and Brian's viewing pleasure. I love economics.

This women's match had a good finishing sequence but seemed out of place on the DVD, it was not hardcore and not even hard hitting for the most part, but it was a departure which added to it's charm, including the moderate pace and big woman beats little woman's ass story. I can only descibe the main event as a junkyard scrap between some meandering zombies and a pack of lazy hyenas with barb wire thrown in. The always fun Barb Wire Trampoline was in place (only 3.99 after the show for kids to jump on) and some people hit it pretty solid. Those were the only memorable spots in the match; the rest lagged on like a car trip with your family. But overall, the DVD was highly entertaining and made me laugh more than the last 2 Rush Hour flicks, so I liked it.

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