Sunday, July 1, 2007

WWE Heat 6/08/07

1. Chuck Palumbo vs. Steve Madison – 3
2. Victoria vs. Mickie James – 3
3. Eugene vs. Lance Lovett – 2
4. The Highlanders vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas – 3

Things I Liked:
Palumbo brought the stiffness and turned what was a nascent squash into a beating extraordinaire. Victoria in pigtails was splendid. Mickie winning with a series of kicks was a neat finish. Their match here was better than any woman’s match on pay-per-view that I’ve seen in awhile. Eugene uses Austin’s patented “Stone Cold Stunner” – they’ve already established it as one of the deadliest finishers in the history of the business, so somebody might as well use it. Charlie Haas was awesome – his sells were top-notch, and he brought a lot of intensity to the match. He also got the victory with a German suplex, a move you rarely see used in finishes these days.

Things I Disliked:
Palumbo’s wrestling attire said mall shopper. Lovett’s tattoos and physique made him look like one of those sexual predators you always see them catching on TV. Eugene’s offbeat mannerisms and absolute ridiculous superhero attire don’t work for me. One of The Highlanders blocked a Shelton superplex, but lost his balance shoving Benjamin off, slipped, and landed awkwardly on the apron in a scary moment.

This was a pretty entertaining episode of Heat. Granted, there wasn’t anything to get too worked up over, but it was fairly easy to watch and enjoyable throughout. Haas gets credit for best performance, with honorable mentions awarded to Palumbo and Victoria. I don’t know how Lovett is able to sleep at night.

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