Sunday, July 22, 2007

WWE Smackdown! 5/18/07

1. Matt Hardy vs. MVP – 5
2. Deuce ‘N Domino and Chavo Guerrero vs. Brian Kendrick, Paul London, and Jimmy Wang Yang – 3
3. Funaki vs. Mark Henry – 1
4. Fit Finlay vs. Chris Benoit – 5
5. Christian York vs. Miz – 2
6. Kane vs. William Regal – 3

Three cheers for mediocrity! No? Well, it was worth a try. Hardy and MVP have a stellar match, my pick for show stealing honors. It wasn’t dynamite, but solid and well paced. I said while watching it that I found it reminiscent to an imagined Mr. Perfect versus Texas Tornado early-90’s TV match, and meant so in the best possible way. The six-man left me brackish, or salty, for actually expecting something worthwhile. Henry smashed Funaki quicker than the bratwurst he engulfed later that evening.

My favorite murderer Benoit against my favorite Irishman Finlay never disappoints. What else can be stated about these two and their work together than seek it immediately; nope, don’t you dare think about stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts for a new Sobe Coolata on the way! Christian York was once a shimmering star on the independent scene, now he’s nothing more than a stain on the wrestling horizon. Sporting the same look and perfunctory performance that’s got him nothing thus far, he was made to look even less credible after being squashed by Miz. Our main event features a man with demons in his past against a man who portrays a demon-like creature on TV every week. The mixture is less than breathtaking, not much unlike Regal’s love handles.

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