Sunday, July 15, 2007

TNA Impact- 05/30/07

1 Rhino v. Homicide- 1
This match was supposed to be Rhino v. Daniels, but Sting came out and put a major can of whip ass on Daniels, then it was supposed to be Rhino & Hector Guerrero v. LAX, but we got this singles match. You know how you would buy the cheap Kool-aid as a kid, the stuff that was like a nickel when Kool-Aid was only 30 cents itself and you just knew something was wrong with it, even though it probably had the same sugar and same ingredients in it, but then you got used to it because it was cheaper and your parents kept getting it then it turned into a big celebration when they actually sprang for the real, Kool-Aid brand? Just curious. But, anyways, this match sucked rotten eggs.

2 Chris Sabin v. Kaz- 3
For being a short match, this kept a quick pace and I was doubly impressed with Kaz's move set and enthusiasm. He laid a kick on Sabin that could knock George Michael into Straight ness again, it was similar to one he gave Sting a few months ago; I love when a guy will work a younger wrestler the same as an old veteran, it just makes logical sense, but of course you get guys like Samoa Joe who tone themselves down when they're against a Jarrett, or an Angle. Pisses me off.

3 Tomko v. AJ Styles- 2
AJ had at one point, the most potential of any star in TNA; Tomko, at one time, had potential to be one of the stupidest looking people on TV, now they join forces in a match that absolutely NO ONE EVER CARED ABOUT! AJ hit a back flip kick that didn't totally suck and I feel weird looking at him with chest hair. 3 people came down to ringside for no other reason than to show their faces and Tomko just really sucks at everything he tries in the ring. That's pretty blunt, of me, but tell me I’m not the only one tired of looking at big dumb guys with meaningless tribal tatts all over them.

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