Sunday, July 15, 2007

TNA Impact - 5/17/07

1) Jerry Lynn & Tiger Mask IV vs. Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin – 3
2) Christopher Daniels vs. Raven – First Blood Match – 1
3) Kurt Angle vs. Rhino – 4

Lynn really had to carry the load for his team as I could clearly tell that Tiger Mask got lost a number of times. Shelley and Sabin could be a very good team if given the proper time to develop. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this was a one time deal. The first blood match was utterly ridiculous. Raven looked like he needed a couple of sessions on a treadmill. The match ended after a small trickle of blood came from Raven’s forehead. I must be confused as to how that exactly plays into Daniels feuding with Sting. The main event was pretty good but it was clear that Angle was going to win. It was pretty much circa Smackdown in 2001. This episode of Impact got the programs going into the next pay-per-view but the match quality, save for the main event, really lacked.

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