Wednesday, December 27, 2006

WCW Starrcade ‘98

1 Juventud Guerrera vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Billy Kidman - 8
2. Billy Kidman vs. Eddie Guerrero - 4
3. Norman Smiley vs. Prince Iaukea - 5
4. The Cat vs. Perry Saturn - 2
5. Brian Adams and Scott Norton v. Fit Finlay and Jerry Flynn - 4
6. Chris Jericho vs. Konnan - 3
7. Eric Bischoff vs. Ric Flair - 1
8. The Giant vs. Diamond Dalls Page - 5
9. Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg - 5

The opening three-way dance was exquisite. While watching it, I absolutely couldn’t get enough. It was fast-paced action, to say the least, with all three guys really working hard and sacrificing to entertain us. I’d take this over any Ring of Honor three-way any day of the week – here we didn’t just get crazy spot one after another, but brilliant crafted storytelling amidst the mayhem. I’d forgotten how good these guys were during this era. Directly afterwards, Eddie Guerrero saunters down to ringside and pummels Kidman in an impromptu match. Billy essentially played Eddie’s bitch, crawling around the ring, as the mullet-sporting madman went to town all over him. Kidman scored the surprise victory, however, with a sensational shooting star press that made me pour my fruit punch over my own head in excitement.

Smiley and Iaukea had no story that I could discern, and went a tad long given that crucial missing element; however, it was largely well-wrestled and Smiley’s submission finish was a pleasant surprise. Saturn and The Cat was extremely bad, and should have been reserved for an episode of WCW Thunder, and not given valuable time on their supposed biggest pay-per-view of the year.

The following tag match featured four big brutes, and managed to be mildly entertaining the short time it lasted. Jerry Flynn just looked ridiculous, with his larger than life mullet, and goofy look plastered on his face. I thought Jericho and Konnan might be worthwhile, but was definitely disappointed when all we actually got was nothing more than a mere glorified squash.

Bischoff and Flair was bad – I’d rather them had a public debate, airing each other’s dirty laundry, so to speak, than put us through this debacle. Both looked in no shape to be performing, and would have been better suited doing heroin with their respective trophy wives. DDP and Giant had a basic match, utilizing the familiar “big man bullies little man” formula, with the only memorable moment being a devastating backbreaker by Giant that likely had Page pissing blood for the next couple days.

Goldberg and Nash was a spectacle, that much is certain, but arguably a letdown in terms of what the crowd anxiously anticipated. It’s important in terms of historical significance, as Nash ended Goldberg’s infamous winning streak here, but otherwise patently insulting. The interference by Disco Inferno (whom I loathe), Bam Bam Bigelow, and Scott Hall didn’t help matters. I’m sure later that night, in a Washington D.C. strip club, over an order of chicken wings and draft beer, Bill and Kevin shared a laugh or two over how much money they were making, and how little they truly cared about the business and individuals who made them stars.

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Jessie said...

i have a feeling that very scenario at the strip club happened numerous times during nash's reign as booker