Sunday, December 31, 2006

WCW Starrcade 1994

1) Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Vader – 5
2) Jean Paul LeVesque vs. Alex Wright – 4
3) Johnny B. Badd vs. Arn Anderson – 3
4) The Nasty Boys vs. Harlem Heat – 4
5) Kevin Sullivan vs. Mr. T – 1
6) Sting vs. Avalanche – 3
7) Hulk Hogan vs. The Butcher – 2

Duggan and Vader were briefly stiff with each other in a fairly enjoyable opener. Duggan’s push was coming to an end here and this was used as a stepping stone to get the Hulk-Vader feud going. Duggan went back to the mid-card and never held another title until he dug the TV title out of the trash in 1999. LeVesque, as if you didn’t figure it out already, is a very young Triple H. This went way too long for two rookies on a major show but LeVesque showed some glimpses of his future self. Badd was supposed to face the Honky Tonk Man but from what I’ve heard, Honky walked out when he found out he had to job. There wasn’t much to this one as they had a pretty simple match which feature Badd going over. The Nastys and Harlem Heat had a decent tag match but it quickly turned into a mess. Sags got dumped on the rail shins first in a lame spot after a lame brawl up the aisle. The Nastys won by DQ after Sherri interfered. There wasn’t really much to it. The only thing I can remember from the Mr. T match is that he couldn’t get his stupid looking ref shirt off and got beat by Sullivan. Afterward, Dave Sullivan, who was dressed as Santa Claus, ran in to save T and ended up getting his pants ripped off. Yeah … it was as dumb as it sounds. Sting and Avalanche had a tedious and forgettable match which featured shoving, taunting, shouting, and occasionally wrestling. And this went on for 15 minutes! Sullivan ran in for the DQ finish and the Hogan comes in with a chair. Lame. Speaking of Hogan, his match with Butcher featured nothing but backrakes and bad chair shots. There was also the occasional rest hold because they didn’t know how to do anything else. Hogan dropped the leg for the win then brawled with Sullivan some more. The best part of the show, thought, featured Vader totally punking out Hogan in the locker room and demanding a title shot. Good for Vader but bad for us for having to sit through this train wreck of a show.

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