Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WCW Slamboree 1999

1 Billy Kidman/ Rey Mysterio v. Chris Benoit/ Dean Malenko v. Raven/ Perry Saturn- 6- Six guys who cared about their profession stuck in the opening match, and they tear it up. Sounded like every WCW PPV in the late 90's. Benoit & Malenko worked well as heels and Raven was hughely over as a face. Some decent 3 man spots, but the crowd didn't care for mess ups- they were majorly into this.

2 Konnan v. Stevie Ray-2- short and sour. No spots in this worth even performing.

3 Brian Knobs v. Bam Bam Bigelow (Hardcore Match)- 5- this was very entertaining and stiff; neither guy gave a shit about the other and just kaboshed the hell out of each other. Exactly what you'd want from these two.

4 Booker T v. Rick Steiner- 5- Rick kept Book pretty grounded the whole time, but he wouldn't let Rick bully him. Book laid some stiff kicks in on old' DFG.

5 Gorgeous George v. Lil' Natch- 4- For all it's ridiculousness and interference, there was about 5 minutes of actual basic wrestling that was morbidly entertaining for me to watch.

6 Scott Steiner v. Buff Bagwell-3- these guys looked like two big turkeys magically animated to come alive and fight. A lot of muscles being flexed, and a lot of bumps being avoided

7 Roddy Piper v. Ric Flair-3- Piper loved kissing ugly women. He planted a tongue tango on Asya, the body builder who accompanied Flair. Got to see AA hit a spinebuster on Piper; that was about it.

8 Goldberg v. Sting- 5- this was building up like a Hogan v. Warrior match, and then Bret Hart came in and bashed them both with steel chairs. Fun to watch

9 Kevin Nash v. DDP-2- an embarrassment to wrestling. And it wouldn't end. It just kept going. And going. I wondered if they had had batteries installed in them a long time ago, to keep their wrestling careers a float.

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