Friday, April 21, 2006

Hardcore Homecoming- Sep. 16,2005- Cleveland, OH

The 2nd show put together by that crack team of Jeremy Borash and Shane Douglas in the 2nd famous arena ECW competed in, well, wait a minute, that doesn't seem quite right. Cleveland? The arena looks almost empty. There's like a total of 5 rows of people at ringside, counting all 4 sides. This doesn't seem right. What, there's no entrances? Or barely any lights? And no commentary? I predict this will be hard to watch.

1 Blue Meanie v. Tracey Smothers- 1- Another dance off? More ref teaming w/ Meanie? Was this the encore of their first match? It didn't work the first time, why the hell would it work now?

2 Danny Doring v. Chris Chetti- 2- Before this started, I wondered why neither of these two got much work after ECW folded. Then, after this match, the answer was apparent. These guys weren't selling that much, didn't involved the crowd, and seemed to give a fuck less if they were wrestling or shopping at Dillards. Not good.

3 Roadkill v. New Jack-0- I would rather watch curling on the Winter Olympics than sit through another 4 minute weapon fest that saw New Jack pinning the ref as a finish and then hear New Jack ramble on, shooting on Steve Austin and then talking about how ECW was and I quote " that holiday that happens that you don't give a fuck about" I'd think the Atbash code of the Romans would be easier to decipher.

4 Raven v. Rhino- 3- An uninspired crowd brawl that was shrouded in complete darkness and complete stupidity and then a gore. Rhino tried to turn the crowd on him before the match by calling them "rednecks" and "stupid assholes", then after he said he "lied" and "loved the fans." Does this insult anyone else? Go play your mark games on your wife, oh, she left you because you beat her? Did you "lie" to her? Do you "love her like you love the fans?" Don't insult our intelligence or you'll end up in a deep depression like the last guy who did it. (Vince Russo)

5 Jerry Lynn v. Sabu v. Shane Douglas- 4- There was small glints of real wrestling and good spots in this, but the finish was a cheap Douglas win and then after the match, Lynn and Sabu busted him open badly and just took turns beating the open wound. What does any of this have to do with honoring ECW?
6 Team 3-D v. Ian Rotten/ Balls Mahoney- 1- Bubba made mention of wrestlers not appearing because there wasn't a sell out. That's obvious. Then, he glorified the Dudleys in the name of all tag team wrestling and insulted Ian and the guys that paid them a shitload of money to show up. Then, they really earned their keep by a crowd brawl, bad weapon shots, and a little blood thrown in just to keep us on our toes.

7 Sandman v. Justin Credible(Cane Match)- 3- Better than I had imagined, but it still sucked. Great, legit cane shots were the highlight. If they continue to do these shows, please, please put a little effort into the home video and the wrestling, well, and the match quality, and the arena you put it in, and get some commentary, and well, you need the change it completely from what this tape presented.

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