Friday, April 21, 2006

Hardcore Homecoming 9/16/05

1. Blue Meanie vs. Tracy Smothers - 1
2. Danny Doring vs. Chris Chetti - 2
3. Roadkill vs. New Jack - 1
4. Rhino vs. Raven - 3
5. Sabu vs. Shane Douglas vs. Jerry Lynn - 4
6. Team 3-D vs. Ian Rotten and Balls Mahoney - Table Match - 4
7. Sandman vs. Justin Credible - Singapore Cane Match - 3

I wasn't even going to write about this show because it was so bad. My review of the first Hardcore Homecoming was pretty scathing enough, so I put my thoughts on this show aside. Well, now much later, I'm bored in the office, so let's talk about this DVD for the hell of it. First off, for an E.C.W. reunion show, who decided it was a good idea to do it in Cleveland? Two things that really hurt this show were only 100 or so people showed up, and secondly, there's no commentary on the DVD so it's unbearable to watch. Meanie and Smothers do another dancing competition and I'm already irritated. Doring and Chetti sucked in '98, and they're twice as bad in '05. Roadkill and New Jack is the definition of hardcore slop--they actually paid these guys to do this? New Jack's promo was awesome, though, in a strange way. Rhino and Raven now make better money in T.N.A. and you could tell their heart was obviously not into performing in front of a small crowd of virgins and Serenity fans. The three-way could have been cool, but it wasn't given any time, and turned into a complete fiasco. My favorite match was the tag team bout; the Dudleyz are heat machines, and it's nice to see Ian again. The whole table match concept is a bit ludicrous, but this wasn't too bad on the eyes. Sandman should hit a gym, and Credible should hit his parents in the face for rubbing uglies and birthing such a sack of shit. This is not main event caliber wrestling, and you'd have to try awfully hard to prove otherwise.

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Jessie said...

some great lines in this one...especially the Serenity one and the Credible burn... those never get old