Tuesday, April 25, 2006

TNA Impact - 4/13/06

1) Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe - 6
2) America’s Most Wanted vs. Team 3-D – Street Fight - 5
3) Sting vs. Eric Young – 5

It needs to be noted that Daniels vs. Joe was joined in progress so the rating is predicated on what aired on television. Joe dominated Daniels to regain the X Division title. I honestly think that Samoa Joe could be TNA’s “big fight” type competitor if promoted properly. The street fight marks yet another match that has been done over and over again over the past few months. The only notable thing to come out of it was the TNA debut of Brother Runt (a.k.a. Spike Dudley). Sting and Eric Young did what it was designed to do and that was to prove to the home viewing audience that Sting still has what it takes. This was a fantastic debut for TNA on Thursday nights (it scored a record 1.1 rating) and hopefully good ratings will allow Spike TV to give TNA that two-hour timeslot that they so rightly deserve.

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