Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ECW Massacre on 34th Street

This was the 2nd to last PPV for the company and their roster had been depleted and their storylines cut down to the bare minimum.

1 Simon Diamond/ Swinger v. Joey Matthews/ Christian York- 4- Good tag wrestling, with well-timed tags, but it had no time to really start cooking.

2 EZ Money v. Balls Mahoney- 5- A match I didn't expect to like, but their styles meshed particularly well. Balls impressed me and EZ should have a good job somewhere.

3 Nova v. Julio Dinero- 3- The thing about this that surprises me is how crazy of a highflyer Nova was. I had forgotten. Although, that route only could have led to Jeff Hardy land because Nova messed a few things up in this match, but good short action.

4 FBI v. Danny Doring/ Roadkill- 6- Great tag action with awesome high spots and good tag psychology. Roadkill's plancha onto Big Sal and Mamaluke's flying tornado DDT onto Roadkill were the highlights of the show. And I would be remised if I didn't mention Mamaluke testing the durability of his scrawny neck by landing on it whilst hitting a steel guard rail. That's a true highlight reel moment, not the shit we see on these Wrestlemania moments to remember on WWE TV.

5 CW Anderson v. Tommy Dreamer- 7- A bonified main event. Dreamer took some innovative table bumps all in an effort to put over a new star, that apparently didn't get the push they had planned for him. A true hardcore war.

6 Rhino v. Lil' Spike- 5 - this is what you would expect; Rhino being a complete bully and Spike loving the abuse. A choke out finish after brain splattering chair shots.

7 Mikey Whipwreck/ Tajiri v. Super Crazy/ Kid Kash- 5- A bit uninspired, and not what they were capable of, and they know it.

8 Steve Corino v. Justin Credible v. Jerry Lynn- 5- You know I don't have a lot to say here; well, not a lot good to say. I think Justin Credible was one of the worst World Champions in the last ten years, and Corino didn't trail far behind. Credible proved how much of a sportsman & an entertainer he was when he blundered a simple backdrop over the guardrail then got pissed visibally and no sold a shot from Lynn, only to fire an unprotected elbow of his own into Lynn's mouth. It was a dishonor to me as a wrestling fan, and for someone who has wrestled for many years, albeit in a back yard setting, to have witnessed that. Such a disgrace. Anyways, Lynn went out first (very disappointing) while the other two decide to do a crowd brawl. From there it's only magic. Let me give you the layout. Corino will hang from the balcony, Credible will knock him off, bask in the cheap heat surrounding him, then lumber on back to the ring and work a scientific match for about six minutes. Huh? Then, let's do some lazy ladder bumps and end it clean with a neckbreaker. Corino, hello, you're finishing move is a lazy ass neckbreaker, homie? You claim to be old school, but you're shit looks like pre-school. And Credible, you're anything but you're name sake. If anything, the only thing incredible about you is that you still get work. A severe disappointment of a main event. But, over all a great PPV by ECW that makes me wonder: How come WWE doesn't simply put on a show with just great ring work and leave the backstage vignettes in the edited pile?

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