Sunday, October 2, 2005

WWE Velocity- 07/30/05

Well, it's been a while since I reviewed any wrestling in a typed format, and a lot of things have changed. Well, I don't mean HHH isn't on top, that hasn't changed. The world around us has though, and gas being so expensive doesn't make it easy to get to and fro to use a computer, but I'm making the best of it.

1 Paul London v. Nunzio- London isn't afraid of using basic mat wrestling and has a terrific armdrag; well, he shouldn't be, because he's on Velocity and no one's watching. London wrestles great on the fly, which is a useful tool in the industry and Nunzio seems to be struggling a little to keep up. London totally gives himself to his opponent on defense, which is very admirable and has a lot of innovative offense. He hit his shooting star finish to perfection, he is leagues beyond Kidman in his prime. 6

2 Funaki v. Kazarian- Funaki possesses so many great skills, unfortunately none of them will make him a big star, Kazarian is very innovative, but some times to the point where his moves just look bad, not sure if he meant to, but he worked Funaki's neck, folded him once with a sick suplex that was straight from Japan, good match- 5

3 MNM v. Scotty Sabre/ Steven Lee- no chance for offense from the jobbers, devastating finish move, MNM have good team work- 2

4 Hardcore Holly v. Simon Dean- I find Dean interestingly funny, call me crazy, Holly's hand are pure leather, Dean seems to find Holly's limitations midway through the match and Holly's getting pretty surly in his old age, they have some obvious set ups and Holly's dropkick has lost it's luster, this match started unraveling towards the end- 3

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