Friday, October 14, 2005

WWE Heat 08/28/05

1 Antonio v. Val Venis- good work, Val is one of the best on RAW brand, short but had a uniqe finish- 4

2 Matt Striker v. Russel Simpson- Striker seems like an unusual character and that means in WWE, you won't last long, odd match that had a few neat things in it- 3

3 Hurricane v. Johnny Parisi- wasn't much substance, not one punch was thrown- 1

4 Tyson Tomko v. ?- dumbest gimmick ever, the jobber dropped his contacts and got kicked in the back of the head- 0

5 Tajiri v. Kerwin White- without all the gimmick garbage, this worked, of course trying to mire through all the gimmick garbage would take several years; a polo shirt and a wooden hanger were involved, need I say more- 3


Brian said...

Striker's still around nearly 3 years later -- are you surprised?

Jessie said...

quite, actually.... at times, he's shown promise, but as a mouth piece, i'd rather listen to him on mute or fast forward