Wednesday, October 5, 2005

BPW @ The Butler County Fair - 7/26/05

1) Lotus & Crazy J vs. Carlton Kaz & Fabulous Frederick - 3
I’ve seen Lotus & Crazy J in some good matches, specifically with the HWA, but this was just terrible. Maybe just because it was so blasted hot outside but this match just blew terribly. Couple of blown spots really killed any momentum Lotus and Crazy had going in. What about their opposition? Yeah, they sucked too.

2) Nigel McGuinness vs. Chad Collyer (pinfall) - 4
Better than the previous match but still not what you would call a quality encounter. Some good technical stuff but nothing to write home about. Nigel goes over and Collyer goes home. Next debauchery please!

The ring announcer shamelessly plugs the next BPW event.

3) Mongo def. Mr. Reality Check - 0
Yep, the first ever match I’ve given the big goose egg to. For those of you who haven’t seen this Mongo character (and be glad you haven’t), imagine a really fat, completely untalented guy dressed in dark jungle fatigues with a silly mask. Yep, it sucked. This one made me wish for a thunderstorm to wash this whole thing away.

Intermission time. Shark Boy, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, and other sign autographs as I get a bottle of water and a bag of chips. So far, that’s been the highlight of the show.

4) Matt Stryker vs. Shawn Osborne - 5
By the way, the Matt Stryker involved in this one is not the WWE goof whom I refer to as Matt Martel. Standard fare from Stryker who has a quality work ethic and is always a pleasure to talk with after a show.

5) Koko B. Ware vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine - 2
I would’ve liked to seen this one … in 1987!!! Unfortunately, these guys are merely a shell of their former selves as they stumbled through a really terrible match. Koko tells the super small crowd that Frankie, his beloved bird, burnt up in a house fire recently. My group starts a “Frank-ie, Frank-ie” chant.

6) Six Man Elimination Tag Match: Shark Boy, Spyder Nate Webb, & Abyss vs. The Shooting Stars & Cody Hawk - 5
Yes, you read that right, two TNA stars make an appearance here. Shark Boy, who runs this here federation and Abyss, from what I’ve been told once wrestled in this area. Webb, who is pretty much X-Pac with talent, works the crowd during his entrance. The Stars are green as a garden hose in this one so I’m not expecting a lot out of them. Hawk is the BPW Champion and has had some wars with Stryker in the HWA and is one of the best talents this area has to offer. I was able to get down close to the ring following the show and when TNA calls Abyss a monster, that’s no shit. He’s huge! Semi-decent main event. Not great in terms of ring work but good in terms of name value, especially on the face side. Abyss pins Hawk at the end to put himself over as a threat to the BPW Title. All I can say is that thank God this show is over.

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