Monday, October 10, 2005

WWE Heat 07/31/05

1 Rob "Con"Way v. Rosey- These two look like total buffoons, well, you can add Stacy Keibler to that list, Conway attempted an elbow off the apron, bad, has he ever seen Foley do it? If he had, he should have just walked to the back after his attempt, Rosey looks like a fat Blankman, everything in this is half-assed- 2

2 Johnny Parisi v. Matt Machesney- this jobber is wet beyond the ears, I see water dripping to the mat, Parisi's head size dominates everything I can see in the ring, looks like a training school drill, basic bumps, the finish was a DDT from one knee, Huh?- 1

3 Rene Dupree v. Hurricane- Dupree looks like Ming from Flash Gordon, he landed some stiff strikes, less than a minute in and he locks on a chinlock, looks more like a sleeping bear laying on a fresh kill, Dupree tributes Bulldog and falls on his neck in the corner, he had less mobility than Bulldog does right now, Hurricane sold big for the finish, but this match had no sizzle- 2

Random Matches
1 Wrestlemania 21 Battle Royal- no memorable eliminations and it looked more like a Road Rules/ Real World Challenge with those t-shirts on, pretty poor- 2

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