Wednesday, October 5, 2005

WWE Smackdown 9/01/05

1 Heidenreich v. Joey Mercury- these guys looked so Lost they should have been on a tropical island with 41 other passengers and then found a secret quarantined hatch in the ground where a foreign runner lived, waiting for "him" of course if they were that Lost, they'd have better ratings- 2

2 Chris Benoit v. Orlando Jordan- another quick squash, Benoit should do a skit where we see if we can change the channel quicker than he can beat Jordan- 1
3 Christy Hemme v. Stacy Keibler- no match- 0

4 Booker T v. Ken Kennedy- decent action, Kennedy needs a lot of work, but has some enthusiasm, stiff finish- 4

5 Simon Dean v. Batisita- squash, comedy, stiff- 1

6 William Regal/ Paul Burchill v. Funaki/ Scotty 2 Hotty- the Brits had good teamwork, they did some of that nasty British stuff, no, not that stuff, you sick minded readers!- 4

7 Randy Orton v. Rey Mysterio- Orton is going to go far, he can work, Mysterio still lives under his glass ceiling, they had some great spots, but I'm tired of old Orton getting involved, can't anyone retired just sit home and collect checks? They all have to find part time jobs, didn't get to see the end of this one

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