Monday, October 17, 2005

TNA Impact - 10/8/05

1) 3 Live Kru vs. Eric Young, Bobby Roode, & A-1 - 3
The Kru has run its course in my opinion and I think it’s time for these men to go their separate ways. Killings could be a top contender to either the X-Division or NWA World Title because of his uncanny athletic ability. B.G. James could tag with Kip James and Konnan could … well he could just disappear and it wouldn’t bother me any. As for the match, it sucked.

2) Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries vs. Matt Bentley - 4
Not as good as the three way the previous week but a solid showcase to put over Daniels for the Ironman Match at Bound for Glory. This was the first time that I saw Aries in action and I was quite impressed. Bentley has come a long way but still needs to work on polishing his moves a bit.

3) Abyss def. Sonny Siaki - 2
Abyss pretty much destroyed Siaki. Siaki at one time looked like he was headed for the main event scene but now he’s used pretty much as enhancement talent. TNA could us this guy to be their Rock type superstar because he has the look to be a big player. Abyss is just big anyway and with James Mitchell, known as the Sinister Minister in ECW, he can go a long way.

Mike Tenay is in the ring with Larry Zbyszko who announces that Tito Ortiz will be the special referee for the NWA World Title match at Bound for Glory. Ortiz gets on the mic and spews off something about rules. Ortiz is terrible on the mic and really proves that he has no place in a wrestling ring. Nash and Jarrett come down and a brawl ensues.

Shane Douglas is with Christopher Daniels who pretty much says that he’s the king of the X Division. He challenges A.J. to find three guys to face him in an Ironman challenge next week. A.J. accepts and proclaims that he knows exactly who he’s going to pick. He leaves and Daniels looks worried.

4) Team 3-D vs. America’s Most Wanted - 3
This one was dubbed a “dream match” and it pretty much put me to sleep dreaming of a much better match. Team 3D was still stuck in WWE mode with their moves and it’s probably going to take them a while to get used to the way TNA does things. Gail Kim debuted at the end of this one and the ref DQ’ed AMW. Jarrett couldn’t seem to resist getting involved and nailed Devon with the guitar.

After the satisfactory debut show, I thought this was going to be another good show. Aside from the three way match, this show was pretty lame.

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