Tuesday, March 8, 2011

AAA TripleMania XVIII

1) Octagoncito v. Mini Abismo Negro v. Mini Charly Manson v. Mascarita Divina v. Mini Psicosis v. Mini Histeria v. Mascartia Sagrada v. La Parkita v. Mini Chessman- Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match- 5

So Chris Nowinski has def. not gotten around to making the call to Konan about that little chair shot conern- that being said, these guys didn't hold back. Match was somewhat short but they packed a lot into it. It was kind of fun watching them bump around on the same ladder i use at home to climb to my roof to pull some blown sticks off instead off the strangely constructed WWE ones. Sick final bump by Octagoncito too.

2) La Legion Extranjera (Sexy Star, Rain & Jennifer Blade) v. Cinthia Moreno, Mari & Fabi Apache- 5

I was pleasantly surprised here; these women came to fight. Sexy Star is into all things combat and mask related- her selling was superb and when it was her turn to bring it, she didn't need it printed on a t-shirt, she just brought it. Faces were ruling it early, felt like an AJW sprint, with Moreno being everywhere with the hurt and the strange fitting leather cat suit. Rain ate a double nasty ax kick that I've not seen anywhere, including the unremorseful women cage fighting leagues deep in the Amazon where I spent 4 months, 5 days, and 13 hours, an experience filled with sweat, blood and semen I will never speak of again.

3) Los Maniacos (Silver Cain/ Ultimo Gladiator) v. Beer Money v. Atsushi Aoki/ Go Shiozaki v. Nicho/ Joe Lider (Elimination Match)- 3

So much talent, so little done with it. Only highlights early on were Go just striking at will like an uncaged gorilla, big swipes and painful chops were dished out everywhere. But then they went out first. From there not much interesting happened. I was watching Nicho & Lider really closely; 10 years ago Nicho v. Silver King was seen by millions of people, nowadays, they're just happy their families like to watch their professionan- that's a harsh statement but neither one of them seemed particularly motivated so you can see where my venom comes from. Beer Money were by far the most useless; i fee like if you import a team of their stature from the states, make use of them. They got in their shit, but for the most part they just stood as a brawling counterpart to the other teams and you could have plugged almost any other team in the world in their place and would have had much the same results.

4) Alex Koslov/ Chessman/ Hernandez v. Heavy Metal/ Octagon/ Pimpnela Escaralata (Steel Cage)- 3
Again here, 1 guy really made this interesting and once he left the cage, it got terribly bland and that's Pimpnela. He was so expressive, i know, the homosexual gimmick has been done to death, but it wasn't that he was flamboyant, because he was, but is selling was, everytime he got an advantage, he was in it. He and Koslov matched up well, Pimp's chops and chucks into the cage must have looked akin to any of his recent visits to an all she-male brothel when he leared Donna Boy was not available that evening. Hernandez and Chessman both did huge dives off the cage that were completely unnecessary and Metal seemed content to lay on the mat selling weak kicks; although one scene caught me off guard, Metal getting his head rammed into the cage over and over again; reminded me of a friend's little brother beating his face into the worn couch he was sleeping on at the time.

5) Cibernetico & Abyss v. Zorro & Vampiro (Extreme Rules)= 3
Dear god Vampiro, he looked like what the Phantom of the Opera's corpse must have turned int after being left in those catacombs for years and years. Abyss was good sport and Vamp even did some fun stuff with his power for their part. Zorro was there to make everyone look good doing their finisher and he and Cibernetico had a lackluster brawl that the crowd loved but made me snooze.

6) Jack Evans v. Extreme Tiger v. Christopher Daniels v. Nosawa (Elimination Match)- 6
Nosawa looked as lost the night he stole that taxi cab and drove around aimless and drunk. Sloppy brawling was the majority of this contribution along with some damn good selling, after a big move he would almost be crying in pain. Extreme was a treat to watch, he was all over the place, reminding me of a young Psicosis, dives aplenty including a 450 splash outside! He tried to protect himself so it looked weird. Daniels was really dynamic, he and Evans did their best work together here, not in ROH or PWG. Evans was super over and the 630 splash Daniels blocked with his knees would have put a normal man in traction- it was a crazy spot. Great ending move too; a sidenote, really played out with the heel refs, it's like '99 McMahon heel ref marathon all over again.

7) Dr. Wagner jr v. Electro Shock- 4
This was the equivalent of HHH-Orton from Mania 25, a big title match that's flatter than people from the 1400's thought the world was. There wasn't much pop or sizzle on any particular move, the pace they worked was culminating in a big build up, but there was never a payoff. I know these two wrestled many times in the last 2 years and it shows, as if they were bored or something. Ending was just a finishing move but right before it was a puzzling spot where they were interlocked by each other's legs and doing rolls like the Oompa-Loompas were in Wonka's factory before they murdered a bunch of children.

8) L.A. Park v. La Parka- 7
Great idea for a match, and it def. exceeded my expectation. L.A was so good at knowing how to do all the nasty fighting stuff this match needed; ripping the mask, pulling the hair out, ramming his face into the steel post & chairs. Parka was the huge fan favorite, and kept capializing on LA's mistakes, with a sick table spot and a post ram that Shawn couldn't have done any better. Besides the skeleton costumes, this match could have taken place in any back alley barrio on a Sat. night.


Geo said...

You got me excited to see that main event. Can't believe that Wags vs. Shock wasn't awesome.

Brian said...

Geo -- you did see that main event, and the whole show, or so I thought. You borrowed it from me months ago. I remember trying to discuss it with you after as I was pretty high on it but recall you didn't have a lot to say.

Geo said...

I believe I saw XVII the year before.

Brian said...

Huh. I distinctly remember you wanting to borrow it from me and us talking about the minis TLC. Viva la lucha/puro month!