Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors 8/27/10

1. Mentallo vs. Azteko - 4
2. RJ Brewer vs. Mascara Purpura - 5
3. Puerto Rican Powers (Pr Flyer & San Juan Kid) & Carlitos vs. Tinieblas Jr, Oriental & Neutronic - 5

Most of my friends gave up on this show partly through the first episode but I stuck it out until the end. This is the final episode and I kept it for posterity. I've saved it all this time for a moment like this.

Funny, watching SMASH 10 (which I'm reviewing later this month) earlier this afternoon I encountered Mentallo for the first time and now here he is again twice in the same day. The referee was trying to unfasten Azteko who was hanging upside down in the corner and Mentallo did a sliding dropkick through the ref's legs. Mentallo continued to innovate, after a Northern Lights suplex he bridged into a headstand while going for the pin. The match-ending double-foot stomp from the top was sold with the appropriate gusto by Azteko like he was a teen on spring break in the water in Piranha. Decent but poor execution and it feeling rushed were detrimental.

I wish Brewer would go back to ROH as they could really use him in '11. He does a selling showcase (my favorite kind) eating a variety of tilt-a-whirl backbreakers with all sorts of variety and zest then eats a big boot like a falling redwood. Pupura's not bad himself, falling into the ropes draped over them like a fallen boxer searching for the fortitude to go one more round. Mascara's running somersault to the floor had that traditional lucha dive feel and him getting mostly concrete was shockingly okay with me. Brewer cheats to win with his plasticky blonde valet giving a hand. This was one of the better LLUSA matches I can recall offhand.

Carlitos is the same of apple-spitting fame. He went from making out with Torrie Wilson to... this? I actually own a Tinieblas mask but won't hand over any favoritism. Carlito's springboard back elbow looked abysmal. The rudos have some real tasty triple-team moves. Neutronic has some heft and made for a good base for the small flyers. Longtime veteran Oriental seemed unimpressed by the former WWE superstar and drilled him throughout. Tinieblas Jr seemed pretty protected not really taking any offense until the finish stretch. This was fun and kept me entertained but would likely seem lousy aside some "real" lucha. For what it's worth I do miss LLUSA but I can always download AAA or catch IWRG on YouTube.

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Geo said...

I share El Oriental's sentiments... Carlito didn't look too hot in this match. I remember discussing this with you and agreeing that his performance left a lot to be desired.