Friday, March 25, 2011

BJW "Big Japan Death Vegas" 12/19/10

BJW "BIG JAPAN DEATH VEGAS", 19.12.2010 (Samurai! TV)
Yokohama Bunka Gymnasium
2,952 Fans - No Vacancy

1. Ryuichi Kawakami & Atsushi Ohashi vs. Takumi Tsukamoto & Kazuki Hashimoto – 3
Tsukamoto and Hashimoto I can tell apart but I’m clueless on their opponents. Tsukamoto sold a DDT like he woke up with a really bad headache. Hashimoto had a few good kicks and a hard knee to the face of one of the opponents. Crowd didn’t seem to have any interest in the proceedings. Nothing spectacular here.

2. Daikokubo Benkei & Onryo vs. Yuichi Taniguchi & Masato Inaba – 2
Benkei is a big dude I wouldn’t want to deal with if I ran into him in a dark alley on the mean streets of Tokyo. Onryo’s face paint looks like he stole it from Vampiro’s make-up bag. Taniguchi’s offense sucks. He did a running splash and landed like a fourth-grader afraid to jump in a plastic wading pool. I’ll take Santino’s tired offense over Taniguchi any day. What was that sloppy ass shit from Inaba? Nobody really did much for me.

3. Barbed Wire Board Death Match: Takashi Sasaki, Shadow WX , & Kankuro Hoshino vs. Yuko Miyamoto, Isami Kodaka, & Shinobu – 4
Shinobu was the first guy to go into the barbed wire and took a couple chair shots from Shadow WX that completely “wobble-legged” him. These guys didn’t waste any time brawling and grabbing chairs. Damn, Shinobu took a hell of a beating from Shadow and Hoshino with a barbed wire board. Good strong exchange between Miyamoto and Sasaki. Kodaka took a wild fall to the outside off the top buckle. Holy crap! Shinobu did a shooting star onto Hoshino who was covered with a barbed wire board. Finish seemed kind of flat ending on just a simple clothesline on Shinobu when he took some crazy bumps.

4. Strong BJ: Daisuke Sekimoto & Shuji Ishikawa vs. Shinya Ishikawa & Yuji Okabayashi – 5
Some good strong style action on display here. Really enjoyed the exchanges between Okabayashi and Sekimoto. The facial selling of Shinya on some Sekimoto chops was very good. Damn, a back drop from Shinya almost breaks Daisuke’s neck. Shuji just lead a beat down on Yuji after taking a hot tag from Sekimoto. The two Ishikawa’s squaring off was really good, especially when Shinya hit a top rope dropkick. Tower of doom spot was nice but nothing that hasn’t been overdone in the American indies. Really good bridge on the German suplex to finish from Sekimoto.

5. Ladder Death Match: Jun Kasai vs. Masashi Takeda – 4
Kasai got the ladder treatment first by taking a hard whip into the one that Takeda brought to the ring that had a board with sharp objects sticking out of it and a hard slam on another. The big spot were really revolving around taking bumps on ladders. Takeda hit a nice Taz-plex in one of the few moves that didn’t involve a ladder. Sick superplex in which Takeda landed on the sharp object ladder. Still not sure what is on that ladder but it looks like stuff just glued to cardboard. Very sick move from Kasai on a ladder platform followed up by a Death Valley Driver on to the platform, both of which resulted in very good nearfalls. Again, the finish should’ve been one of the big moves off a ladder and not a simple finisher.

6. ETC (Extreme, Table, Chair) Death Match: Yoshihito Sasaki vs. "Black Angel" Jaki Numazawa – 4
What is it with Numazawa just laying on the ground in a heap after being jumped before the bell? These guys were bloody messes after about five minutes. Sasaki took a hard chair thrown in his face. Wild spot where Numazawa gives Sasaki a hurracanrana off the top buckle onto a pile of chairs on the floor. Sasaki is taking some hard shots but they just seem to be going from spot to spot. Nutty table spot off the turnbuckle. These tables are skinnier than the makeshift gangway that the Covington Fire Department used to rescue customers from Jeff Ruby’s restaurant after it floated away from its mooring a few weeks ago. The fact that Numazawa took some brain-scrambling chair shots near the end didn’t account for the fact that he didn’t show me shit in the match. After all this carnage, the finish from Sasaki is two lariats? Sorry, just can’t buy it.

7. BJW Death Match Heavyweight Title, 450 Fluorescent Lighttubes Death Match: Ryuji Ito vs. Abdullah Kobayashi – 4
They played the Japanese national anthem before the bout. Listening to the serenity of it while they showed Kobayashi and Ito waiting paitently in their respective corners surrounded by hundreds of light tubes was a very strange visual. Almost like hearing a John Williams score in a peaceful scene in a movie before a giant battle takes place. There were so many light tubes that just them circling the ring and stepping on the tubes caused them to pop like microwave popcorn. The competitors were really limited in what they could do due to all the tubes attached to the ropes. Is Kobayashi eating glass? This was 99 percent them hitting and slamming each other on the light tubes. Pretty sick samoan drop from Kobayashi through a giant pile of tubes. Ito hit a superplex that put Kobayashi through tubes bridged between two chairs. Kobayashi hit a sloppy as shit shining wizard. Wild finish with Ito hitting a Lo-Down while some electrified tubes were positioned on Kobayashi. Fun bout. Bloody as hell, though.


Jessie said...

some humorous stuff in here and it seemed like you gave everything it's due attention....going out on a limb, doesn't seem like your a big hardcore fan....or maybe just this show....i'm a huge light tube fan, can't wait to peep that main

Adam said...

Quite the contrary there Jess. I love hardcore (especially death matches) but it was just this show didn't really offer much in the way of anything new or innovative. I think you'll dig the main.

Jessie said...

oh cool....glad to hear it....yeah that can be a problem with hardcore....looking forward to it

Anonymous said...

Kawakami was the guy with the red amateur wrestling singlet in the first match.