Thursday, March 24, 2011

IWRG 1-30-11

¡~Bienvenidos a IWRG~!

I know the boys on DVDVR like to blow this company, so I figured I'd take a stab at it. I mean, it can't be better than XCW Midwest, right?

Sky Angel & Eragon vs. Carta Brava Jr & Guerrero 2000 - 5

Angel and Brava started this match off and I was digging it. It wasn't your typical insanity to start the match where neither guy knows which way is up. There was a nice sequence of armdrags in the match which looked really good and clean. When Eragon and Guerrero came into the ring, things slowed down even more and I was totally digging it. The mat work was great, especially Guerrero's variations on the classic bow-and-arrow submission hold. Things started to pick up as the match went on and the striking game picked up. Eragon whipped Guerrero into the corner only to have Guerrero spin around like one of the Wonder Twins trying to turn into something... form of: awkward. Sky Angel would get his ass chapped by the two men in black. Eragon hit this really nice looking Flux-Capacitor-like maneuver that I dug which Brava sold like death. Good match to open the show.

Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro & Black Terry vs Bombero Infernal, Maldito Jr & Samot - 5

This match was interesting because it had a younger gen vs. older gen feel. The best part about the match was the sympathy that was garnered from the older face team. The young heel team would keep breaking down the old scrappers every time they'd try to mount a comeback. There was also a nice element of stiffness, particularly on the part of the young team against Black Terry. At an advanced age, Terry sold and bumped around quite well. Another really great element to the match was how much fire the old face team had. There was this feel about not being outdone by flashy young guys. I actually found myself wishing and praying for a hot-tag on the part of Cerebro Negro -- they were absolutely raping this dude in the ring. I found myself quite angry at the referee for letting this constant barrage of illegal offense happen in the ring, too. Great storytelling.

Trauma I, Freelance & Veneno vs Ultimo Gladiador, Avisman & El Hjo del Diablo - 5

Veneno looks straight up goofy in the ring. He's stumbling and bumbling around like a a creature out of a Dr. Seuss story. I have a feeling this is going to be the weak match of the show. I found myself in a bit of a quandary as to what exactly was going on. I do know, however, that Freelance took quite a beating in the match and I enjoyed his exhausted selling of all the, ahem, Trauma that he endured. Gladiador took this really great looking bump on the guardrail (gorilla press, landing head first) that he sold as if he had one of those acme anvils fall on his head. Freelance looked great during his comeback. Some really slick shit coming off the ropes and transitions into armdrags. Match got a lot better as it went on, but Freelance was definitely the standout.

El Hijo de Cien Caras, Mary Apache, Mascarita Divina & Pasión Kristal vs Monster Clown, Diva Kasai, Mini Abismo Negro & Yuriko - 2

BAH GAWD IT'S BREAKING LOOSE! This was just too crazy to handle. Everyone was in the ring at the same time causing chaos among chaos. Multiple men were stacked on top of one another like a huge tackle pile. I'm just not digging this. Monster Clown looked horrific... and I'm not talking about the mask. There were also these awkward moments in which nothing was happening. Imagine a long, awkward silence in the middle of a conversation and then surround that with a ring. The comedy was tiring at best, and nothing really worked in this comedy match gone awry.

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Jessie said...

haha...i crack up at some of your humor...form of awkward and the surrounded by ring both made me chuckle....remember seeing Guerrero 2000 and digging.....and Freelance is an awesome worker.....liked how you reviewed something out of the box