Saturday, March 19, 2011

DDT - Theme Park Madness - Sept. 29, 2009

MIKAMI & Chou-un Shiryu vs. Yasu Urano & Yukihiro Abe - 4
Danshoku Dino vs. Keisuke Ishii - 2
Hoshitango & Masa Takanashi vs. HARASHIMA & KUDO -5
Michael Nakazawa vs. Poison Sawada JULIE vs. Kota Ibushi vs. Sanshiro Takagi - 5

Here we are in 2009 and in a rainy theme park with the DDT boys up to their usual shenanigans. The first match I actually kind of enjoyed. There wasn't much in the way of psych or story-telling, but it appeared to me that all the guys in this match were going all out. MIKAMI looked the most solid out of the four, but this Shiryu fellow caught my fancy as well. His vocal selling was great. Every time he'd eat a piece of offense he'd let out a cry that sounded like a mix between a dojo boy being taken advantage of and extremely weak lion that was dying a slow, intestinal disease-related death.

The second match was...interesting. Dino's in-ring style rivals that of JBL'S homo-erotic hazing and ribbing techniques. I found myself feeling quite sorry for Ishii having to put up with all of the dick rubbing that was occurring. Most interesting spot occurred inside of a photo booth, oddly enough. I couldn't tell what was going on in there from the camera angle, but I'm sure I didn't want to know. Dino hit a piledriver while simultaneously tucking Ishii's head into his pants. Yikes.

The next match was quite good. The striking, my LORD, the striking was awesome. HARISHIMA and Kudo looked great. They both ate so much offense that if it were sushi they'd probably get mercury poisoning. Hosh was there to be his gray hairy self and serve as a base for the two junior heavyweight style opponents. I was surprised how much offense he took. Match really showed the abilities of HARISHIMA and Kudo as legitimate wrestlers. Just really crisp offense mixed some heavy striking had me from hello.

The final match was just too much fun. This is why I enjoy watching DDT -- because it doesn't take itself seriously. It doesn't need to. With so many other companies in Japan being serious and stiff, DDT finds it's outlet in the form of entertainment mixed with some great wrestling. This match was no different. Guys were bouncing around the park like pinballs -- especially Ibushi. I loved the swan ride spot where all four men were chasing one another on a merry-go-round-esque ride intended for teenage lovers to make out in. The action would move to a few different rides, but my favorite part was when Ibushi was selling like he was going to puke from motion sickness after riding the bumper car-like ride. The action moved back to the ring and what we got there was a solid, five minute sprint that saw Ibushi dominate in offense. So goofy yet so much fun.

Definitely an odd show, but if you want a laugh and simple enjoyment, pop this in your DVD player and watch it.

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