Thursday, March 10, 2011

BJW 1/2/01 CZW Invades~!

So this event began with John Lennon's hit "Happy Christmas War is Over." How's that for juxtaposition?

"NEW YEAR GREAT SERIES 2001" 1/3/01 Yokkaichi Australia Memorial Hall 1,170 Fans
1. Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Abdullah Kobayashi Jr. - 4
2. Kamikaze vs MEN's Teioh - 5
3. Fantastik vs. The Winger - 5
4. Shunme Matsuzaki vs. Naoki Numazawa - 1
5. Daikokubo Benkei vs Ryuji Ito -2
6. Ryuji Yamakawa, Shadow WX & Kintaro Kanemura (FMW) vs. Zandig (CZW), Jun Kasai & Rebel (CZW) -5

It had been three years prior that Sekimoto was a dojo boy. I shudder to think of the things he experienced. Kobayashi hit a monkey flip on Sekimoto that was mediocre at best, but started to step it up later in the match by sinching in a nice looking hold around the dome of Sekimoto. Sek hit a nice German on Kobayashi, turning Kob into a pile of blubber. Whenever Sekimoto hit a German, he'd land directly on his own head. Dude has got to have some serious neck strength. Sekimoto decapitated Kobayashi with a nice lariat to finish the match off, which Kobayashi sold by squinting. Interesting.

A very solid outing by two guys I loved to watch back when I was in high school. I remember my sophmore year having a mini MEN's marathon in my bedroom. It was a good day. There was some really great mat work to start, with neither man really getting a true advantage. The match would keep building in this fashion until the lid came off, featuring both guys laying in some offense and even more aggressive mat work. Teioh was able to get the better of Kamikaze, but they both looked great.

This was another really solid match. Both guys brought a really sweet junior heavyweight style. Fantastik hit this great dive to the floor that looked amazing. This Prince Devitt's somersault suicide senton to the floor except on an opponent lying on the ground. Both guys just looked so great in the ring. This match was just juicy and clean as hell. So clean you could eat sushi off it.

The next two matches I'm going to lump together as they were clipped. The first feature utter nonsense I won't even speak of because it doesn't deserve it. Simply two pasty Japanese guys working horribly. The second was a touch better because it featured the now famous deathmatch wrestler Ryuji Ito back when he was lanky and greener than a spring lawn. His leg drop looked awful, but he brought an element of stiffness with his strikes and was selling well. His opponent looked like Super Porky.

The final match was originally a handicap match featuring the teams of Zandig, Rebel, & Kasai vs. Yamakawa and WX. The odds would prove to be too much for the BJW team and they took the fall, when out of nowhere comes the FMW star Kintaro Kanemura! Kanemura, having none of that CZW shit, would challenge the sleazy bastards to come back in the ring and have a fair fight, and what a fight it was. Zandig actually looked half-way decent and not too slovenly in the match. He took some bumps and sold for the BJW vets. The staple gun spot left something to be desired, but all the Japanese guys got juiced like stuck pigs and were bleeding all over the place. There were some cool ladder spots, but the best thing about this match is that it was done in that classic hardcore BJW style where guys just go balls to the wall. I thought it was a good showing for the American counterpart, and was a solid bout.


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