Sunday, March 13, 2011

AAA 1-8-11

Alex Koslov vs. Xtreme Tiger - 5
Ultimo Gladiator vs. Silver King & Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Hermandad 187 & Pimpinela Escarata - 3
Electroshock vs. Mr. Anderson vs. El Messiah - 4

Match started off hot with the rudo Koslov attacking the hell out of Tiger, whipping him over the guardrail and into the fans. Tiger looked to have a possible back injury as he struggled to get back in the ring. Perhaps just some good selling. Koslov handled Tiger lack a wet sack of tiger feces by slamming his limp body around the ring. Koslov really shows a nice dominance in the ring over his opponent with quick, yet heavy offense. Tiger seems rather reckless, hitting a 450 splash onto the awaiting Koslov... on the arena floor! While Tiger possess said element of recklessness, he also possesses a very fluid form to his offense that's kind of mesmerizing. Koslov just had this dominating, heel personality in the ring that worked quite well for him. They busted out a thumbtack spot which was quite awesome, but Koslov sold it more like he walked into a room and witnessed his parents in the thralls of... "activity." Good opener.

Got a cheap laugh out of seeing Silver King come out to "Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. As far as the match was concerned, I had no idea what the hell was going on for the majority. Seems like, despite there being things called "lucha rules," this match had no rules. Cassandro (Pimpinela) kind of shocked me. I really enjoyed, um, him, for a long time, but he just looked so out of it in this match. After being Irish Whipped in to the corner, he lolligag across the ring like he was being chased by a bee. Psicosis looked good, selling a chair shot to the back like someone was pulling his arms off behind his back. Wagner looked the best of all, though. His strikes were snug and he looked competant in the ring. For the most part, the match consisted of interference and a heel referee. That's never fun. The end was fun, however, with the older face ref coming in and dropkicking the shit out of the heel ref.

This had a big match feel, featuring a true Lucha veteran facing one huge Mexican and one American star. I don't know how I feel about Anderson representing America. 'Shock and Anderson worked over Messiah with double teams in the beginning of the match. Messiah looked rather helpless through the beginning, garnering sympathy from the fans. Messiah, despite his size, brought a really nice quick element to the match, but unlike a lot of small lucha guys, he also brought an element of stiffness and badass-ness. This might be due to having Anderson in there, but the match felt so much like a typical TNA Impact style main event -- rushed. It would've been nice to see some slower pacing in the match instead of being beat over the head with move after move after move by all three guys.

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Jessie said...

hell yeah...just saw Tiger bust that 450 outside on last year's TripleMania....awesome spot