Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zack Ryder and Primo vs. Yoshi Tatsu and David Hart Smith - 5 (WWE Superstars 2/3/11)

A rematch from a week prior. Primo arm control work early which Tatsu quickly reverses and the two trade top position back-and-forth. Tatsu probably has the best armdrags of anyone in the company save for Steamboat. Smith and Ryder do their own jockeying for position segment which ended with Hart locking on a really nasty looking armbar. Something you don't see every day Primo suplexes Tatsu from inside the ring out to the floor. Primo's camel clutch a tad better than Sonjay Dutt's. Tatsu was trained by Nagata but lacks his mentor's amazing in-ring facials although they're getting better. Hot tag to DHS was not quite Fulton-level but his spinning vertical suplex was astonishing. Tatsu wipes Primo out with a crazy dive to the floor. Long Island Iced Z gets KO'd by a headkick from Tastu for the finish, which was great, as WWE doesn't do a lot of strike-related knockouts. I like both these teams.

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Geo said...

I really liked this match. I actually gave it a 6. How great was that fin? Love the KO fins by Tatsu.