Sunday, February 27, 2011

Watts Is It #2

Ok, well I already hit a problem. The disc labeled UWF 86 #2 had no audio, period. The only sound I heard was the DVD player switching between chapters while I tried to see if it was an issue with only part of the disc. Well, it wasn’t so I’m moving on to the disc labeled UWF 86 #3. Luckily, this one has audio. Let’s press on …

1) Ken Massey vs. Chavo Guerrero – 2
Massey is probably one of the most awful jobbers I’ve seen in a while. It’s almost like they just picked some local athlete to be cannon fodder for Chavo. Massey hit the ropes very loosely, sort of like a plastic shopping bag floating in the wind. Chavo just worked him over with a nice Northern Lights suplex and a rolling leg lock.

2) Sting vs. Brett Wayne Sawyer – 2
This is Sting in his early days, a far cry from the broken down old warhorse seen currently in TNA. At this point, he was still pretty rough around the edges, even messing up with a simple lateral press. Sawyer got in a few good dropkicks that Sting sold by taking flat back bumps and then popping up again within a few seconds. Not much to this one.

3) Kamala vs. The Missing Link – 1
I was thoroughly disappointed in this. I was expecting a wild brawl but they mainly just stalled for time until Hollywood John Tatum, Missy Hyatt, and Jack Victory interfered. The lone highlight was Kamala taking a hard headbutt from Link.

4) Gustavo Mendoza & The Libyan vs. The Fantastics – 2
This was pretty much a showcase match for the Fantastics. They hit all of their top moves as J.R. and Frank Dusek put over what may happen when The Sheepherders challenge for the UWF tag team titles. The Libyan was just there merely for decoration as he never got tagged into the match and only took a few moves when the match broke loose. I have to agree with J.R., I would like to see the Fantastics and the Sheepherders lock it up.

5) Buddy Roberts, Terry Gordy, & Michael Hayes vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Terry Taylor, & Ted DiBiase – NR
Again the show goes off the air in mid-match so I can’t give this a proper rating. I liked what I saw though. The beginning was wild with everyone brawling in the ring and the crowd just going crazy. Hayes never was a great wrestler but he knew how to get a crowd riled up. I would definitely want to see this whole match.


Jessie said...

good job with this tv show....enjoyed your take....although after seeing much of Hayes prime in Texas, I have to disagree vehemently with your statement....Geo, you've seen it all now, care to weigh in?

Geo said...

Well, this is quite interesting. After watching the DVDVR Texas set I have to disagree slightly about Hayes' in-ring work. I think it's solid, but it's no Kevin Von Erich. He was, however, a phenomenal heel. You could feel the heat radiating through the building. I also feel that Hayes was good at getting other guys over. While he may not be the most technically sound, he was good in the ring, in my opinion.