Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WWE Raw 11/8/10

1) The Bella Twins & Eve Torres vs. Maryse, Alicia Fox, & Tamina – 2
Since this particular Raw is in Manchester, England, the heels are dressed in Liverpool uniforms and the faces are in Manchester United uniforms. Josh Matthews was making soccer references on commentary whenever someone would kick someone else really hard. The exchanges between Tamina and Eve were the best part of the match. Typical weekly divas match and not much else.

2) The Hart Dynasty vs. The Usos – 2
Nice flip move over the top to the outside by Kidd. How many times have these two teams fought each other on TV this year? I like the Usos intensity. This continued the slow burning cigarette that is the break-up of the Harts. Usos looked good and hit a few hard kicks, especially one on the outside on Kidd. Smith took the kick weird at the end of the match that led to a splash for the pin.

3) Goldust vs. Ted DiBiase – 3
Goldust’s career has really had a resurgence in the last few years and I’m kind of liking this feud with him and DiBiase over the Million Dollar Belt. DiBiase seemed to have a blank expression on his face the whole match while selling any of Goldust’s offense. Really liked the rotation Goldust got on the powerslam at the end. Speaking of which, the end was kind of goofy with Aksana running down to steal the Million Dollar Belt from Maryse and then the camera nearly missing on the pinfall.

4) John Cena vs. David Otunga – 3
Otunga has been consistent this year, consistently bad. I think the traveling gnome from those Travelocity commericals is a better wrestler than Otunga. It just seems to me that Otunga’s heart and passion just isn’t into it. This was just an elongated squash. Otunga must’ve read the JBL book of flat back bumps cause he damn sure took one on a Cena dropkick. Cena got all his regular shit in here with the regular combo of the AA and the STF to finish it.

5) Sheamus vs. Santino Marella – 1
This was set up by a goofy “Tea Time w/ Santino” skit where he and Kozlov spent the entire time making jokes at Sheamus. The match wasn’t even really a match. It was mainly Santino running from Sheamus and then getting DQ’ed for a low blow. Only gets a point for Sheamus knocking the shit out of Santino as Santino was doing the stupid cobra thing. This feud isn’t doing anyone any favors.

6) Randy Orton, R-Truth, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, & The Miz vs. Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Husky Harris, & Michael McGillicuty (w/ John Cena as referee) – 4
I really dig Husky Harris. He’s definitely got a lot of old school southern brawler traits and his lariats are very Windham-esque. The brief mid-match exchange between McGillcuty and Bryan was really fun to watch. I think they could work well together. Until the end, I’d forgotten that Cena was the ref. Miz turned on his team at the end with Cena distracted with the interfering Otunga in kind of a sloppy finish. Bryan was the high point of the match for the face team.

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