Monday, February 21, 2011

Memphis by Midnight - A Mini-Series :: Gassin' Up

I'll be looking at some of the matches from the DVDVR Memphis set in this mini-series I've titled, "Memphis by Midnight."

Dutch Mantell, Steve O & The Fabulous Ones vs. Adrian Street, Jesse Barr, and the Sheepherders (3/28/83) - 3

I honestly could make heads or tails of this match. There was just so much going on. Apparently is was loaded with stipulations including a "Loser Leaves Memphis" stip. It was fun seeing the pre-WWF Bushwhackers tearing it up in the ring. Adrian Street really didn't leave much up to the imagination regarding his character in the ring. I've never seen a main with a hairdo like that in my life. My favorite part of this match was Street's selling. In particular, during a "wishbone" manuever, street sold it like he was unable to walk. Think the way Rick Rude used to sell atomic drops and then trying to walk. Other than that, though, the match struck me as incoherent with absolutely no ref control.

Bill Dundee vs. Terry Taylor (4/4/83) - 5

Both guys looked really good. Dundee was able to keep up with Taylor's mat-based offense and held his own in the ring. Taylor was just great. His mat-based attacks were to die for. The way he was able to control his opponents in the ring was way beyond his time. Taylor's offensive style really reminded me of an early 80's NJPW style which was based heavily on mat-based offense. Dundee, who was full of charisma, was no slouch either, as his offense was quite delish in some parts as well.

The Moondogs vs. The Fabulous Ones (4/4/83) - 3

This was an odd match because, despite watching it twice in a row, absolutely nothing stuck out to me as actively good. Kirn and Lane are great workers, just really, really, solid in ring performers who will get anyone over. The Moondogs, for what they were, were decent and willing to bump. I'd like to delve further into the match, but I honestly can't because there's nothing about it that jumped out as memorable in any way.

The Moondogs vs. The Fabulous Ones (5/2/83) - 6

Leaps and bounds better than the prior encounter. Kirn is a madman. He got his head caught in the ropes (think Mick Foley style) and was kicking and writing in the ropes as if he was legitimately running out of air. The Moondogs were pulling on his legs, further decreasing his air supply while Lane attempted to free his ensnared team mate. I was seriously sweating bullets for Kirn as his selling was just fucking amazing. God, it was good. The match worked much better this time and had a really great sprint near the end. Just really great selling, especially on the part of Kirn.

The Fabulous Ones vs. Duke Myers & Bobby Eaton (5/16/83) - 4

I haven't seen much of Duke Myers, but I did enjoy what I saw of him in the ring. He had that great 80s style selling ability that you don't see any more. Kirn and Lane were out-performing their opponents yet again and made Myers and Eaton look great. Eaton had this great way of making the audience focus on him even when Myers was the one in the match by throwing his hands up in the air and jumping around on the apron. Not the best match by any means, but again, a really solid showing by Kirn and Lane and a good first impression by Myers.


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as much as it pains me to say it, i've been enjoying Taylor on World Wide....sounds like he's a competent hand at this time as well