Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Watts Is It #1

I was going through my DVDs the other day and came across this pile of discs just labeled “UWF/Mid-South 86”. So, instead of just setting them aside and pulling out an WWF or WCW TV episode, I figured I would at least see what, if any, buried treasures may by lurking on these mystery discs. This particular disc is only labeled “UWF 86 #1” with nothing on it that says even what month it could be from. Pretty vague if you ask me.

1) Gustavo Mendoza vs. Perry Jackson – 3
Jackson looks like a huskier version of Dynamite David Perry from the Herb Abrams version of the UWF. Mendoza hit a very sloppy looking neckbreaker for the win. Both guys seemed pretty bland. Judging by the attire he wore to the ring, Mendoza’s character seemed to be that of a Cuban militant. At least he had the Castro look down with the beard and the hair. Jackson just came across as a generic wrestler. Nothing much here.

2) Gary Young vs. Ted DiBiase – 3
This was pretty much a glorified squash match. DiBiase hit a nasty clothesline bouncing out of the corner near the finish. I think that this is the same Gary Young from late 80s/early 90s Texas territory fame but I’m not sure. DiBiase won with a figure four in about five minutes. Interesting to see DiBiase in the pre-Million Dollar Man years if anything.

3) The Sheepherders vs. Tracy Smothers & Bret Wayne Sawyer – 4
Luke and Butch are much, much better as the Sheepherders than as the Bushwhackers. They’re much more serious and violent and not as goofy and comical. Smothers ate a hard knee from Butch as he was running into the corner. J.R. was really building up Sawyer on commentary for some reason. The two double rib breakers to finish Smothers at the end were good.

4) Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Kamala – 5
Duggan came out and took the place of jobber David Peterson (of late 80s/early 90s AWA fame) and immediately began brawling with Kamala. Holy crap, this was wild. Duggan got run into the railing and then hit Kamala on the head with a table. J.R. was yelling so loud on commentary when Duggan kicked out of the Kamala splash, I though he was going to have a aneurysm or something. The no contest finish knocked it down a point but it did what it was designed to do, and that was for me to want to see another Kamala/Duggan match.

5) Ted DiBiase vs. Michael Hayes – NR
This was supposed to be Terry Taylor vs. Michael Hayes but DiBiase came out and told Taylor he would take the match instead. The match barely started when the credits started rolling on top of it. I can’t really rate it on the fact that the show ended with the match in progress. Hopefully, the full match will pop up on another one of these mystery discs and I can score it accordingly.

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