Saturday, October 16, 2010

WWE SmackDown! 10/15/10

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes - 5
Jack Swagger vs. MVP - 2
Alberto Del Rio (~!) vs. Chris Masters - 4
Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler - 5
Kaval vs. Big Show - 2
Kaval vs. Tyler Reks - 2
Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston - 4

I really like Cody Rhodes. He's come out into a buy-able character and has sharpened his offense. His Beautiful Disaster (rope-assisted kick) is delish. Rhodes also proved to be a good base for Rey's offense. Rhode's clutched in a really tight choke that I dug. There was a great roll-thru nearfall I liked. Rey's exhaustive selling was on great display when he kicked Rhodes in the head and then basically collapsed on top of him for the pin.

I'm really sick of the Swags/MVP feud, but MVP's aggression was up. The mascot took a sick bump over the announce table, but that was about it.

The left arm psych started early and I loved it. Master's grimacing was awesome. Masters also displayed his power and selling ability by powerslamming Del Rio with one arm (holding the injured arm). The arm psych worked into Del Rio's finisher which is awesome. Should've gotten more time.

Zig's intensity comes through while he was choking Edge on the ropes. Zig's just a really intense worker in general and I dig it. Edge, however, looked gassed in 4 mins. Dolph took a really nice bump off the top rope to the floor. While on the floor, Edge got zig-zagged onto the steps! I loved it! Match got the most time of the show. One of the better Edge matches, despite him being tired. Fin was awesome: spear on Zigs after he dove from the top rope.

Kaval vs. Show was to see if Kaval could last 5 mins with 'Show. He did. There was rejoicing.

Tyler Reks came out with awful looking dreadlocks. He has a good presence in the ring. Reks took Kaval's spot on team SD after he hit something that looked Burning Hammer-esque. Ok. That was bullshit.

The absolute sickest kick I've seen happened in this match. I really hope you watch it. Kofi ran toward the corner (with Drew in it), dove, and Drew fucking shoved his boot right in Kof's face~!~! Drew sold the Trouble in Paradise kick really awesomely by basically crumbling into a Scottish pile. Too short, but I dug it.

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