Saturday, October 16, 2010

All Day NHO: 24-hr. wrestling marathon

So, as this message is posted here on the blog, the members of Never Hand Over, as well as former staffer Adam, are meeting up for breakfast and getting ready to undergo a tremendous undertaking -- a twenty-four hour wrestling marathon! We're all excited to study our beloved combat sport in the most extreme way imaginable. We were going to do live video updates throughout the course of the day, but due to some server issues, we're going to bypass that concept for an overall cooler one, and that's filming periodically throughout the event and then later posting the footage in a series of documentary-like shorts, detailing the day's festivities from waking up, to grabbing grub, and watchings lots and lots of professional wrestling.

Here's a look at the itinerary -- we have other footage on-hand if necessary, including some '50's Wilbur Snyder, some AJW joshi action, etc.:

6AM - Breakfast at Cracker Barrel
7AM - 9:30AM AAA Triplemania XVI
9:30AM - 12PM WCW Great American Bash '92
12PM - 1PM TNA Bound for Glory '10
1PM - 1:45PM Lunch at Jimmy John's
1:45PM - 3PM TNA Bound for Glory '10 cont.
3PM - 5:30PM DGUSA (Mercury Rising or Open the Ultimate Gate)
5:30PM - 8PM JAPW 12th Ann. show
8PM - 9:30PM Dinner (not yet decided -- possibly Chinese takeout)
9:30PM - 10PM JAPW 12th Ann. show cont.
10PM - 12AM AJPW Crossover 2010 (7/4/10)
12AM - 2AM WWE Judgment Day '04
2AM - 3:30AM Late-night meal at Waffle House
3:30AM - 6AM wXw: The Vision

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