Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PWG Battle of Los Angeles '05 - Night 1

1. Hook Bomberry, Topgun Talwar & Human Tornado vs. Exacalibur, Disco Machine, Chris Sabin - 3

Liked portions of this more than expected, but overall score really brought down by Excalibur's work. It's not like his commentary is any better but he should have stayed away from the ring.

2. Rocky Romero vs. Frankie Kazarian (Round 1) - 3

They tried lots of slick grappling spots and counters and much of it was flubbed. They didn't mix particularly well.

3. Quicksilver vs. Davey Richards (Round 1) - 5

Davey doing his own unique brand of masochism before it'd rub everyone the wrong way. A nice dose of stiffness and big bumps that felt fresh after the last bouts.

4. James Gibson vs. Joey Ryan (Round 1) - 4

Ryan had insane heat but showcased the shoddiest selling so far. Gibson was a maestro selling the arm damage as Ryan targeted it.

5. Chris Bosh vs. El Generico (Round 1) - 4

Generico was pretty fantastic here, big, cartoonish bumping and great animated selling. Bosh failed to impress much, but hopefully the other Chris Bosh will do better for the Miami Heat this year.

6. American Dragon vs. Ricky Reyes (Round 1) - 5

Methodical, slow-builder, but quite physical. A lot of textbook Danielson but that's still better than most. Reyes looked better than usual eating stuff and sort of makes me semi-interested in seeing him live in a couple weeks.

7. Christopher Daniels vs. Scott Lost (Round 1) - 5

Most out Lost's output I've seen I find troublesome but he wasn't objectionable here. Both guys' move-based selling was good but Daniels didn't take it seriously enough (a lot of "walking penis" and "dick head" chants and even Lost scribbling a phallus on Daniels' skull with a pen) for it to break into the recommended category.

8. AJ Styles vs. Jack Evans (Round 1) - 4

I would have scored this one higher but it had a few too many botched parts. Still, I liked it better than the usual Evans vs. someone who'll beat him up (i.e. the Roderick Strong series, etc.) as Styles was all no-nonsense and silent bitterness to Evans' horse shit and surprisingly made a lot of Evans' acrobatic stuff look dangerous by how he ate it. Crazy, scary botch where Evans tried to do a moonsault off of the top where he'd (in theory) land on Styles' shoulders then go into a hurricanrana, instead, it ended up being Jack flipping backwards and smashing AJ's head and spine with his ass. Another scary slip later saw both men on the top and Styles falling off to the floor awkwardly.

9. Kevin Steen vs. Super Dragon (Round 1) - 6

This was good, but for a show long enough as was, there was no reason to go nearly 40 minutes. Lots of real gnarly, cringe-worthy bumps and shots, match made up of grotesque bumps and painful things which were all a treat but a lot of nothing in-between (save for Steen's homophobic slurs at audience members).

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