Monday, October 25, 2010

WWE Bragging Rights '10

Daniel Bryan vs.  Dolph Ziggler
Physical, got plenty of time, Bryan's one of the best at counter-wrestling today, etc. so this just owned and overshadowed everything else.
Recommendation: See It

Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. John Cena & David Otunga
I'll boot it into the recommended category due to sheer shock factor of an unannounced match turning into a title change for the Nexus duo of Cena/Otunga. That aside, I enjoyed the combination of Rhodes' methodical offense coupled with Cena's methodical selling, but the work alone wasn't enough to carry this.
Recommendation: See It

Goldust vs. Ted DiBiase
I'm digging seeing Goldust's '10 resurgence but this was duller than a dead Komodo dragon's dick.
Recommendation: Skip It

Layla vs. Natalya
Crowd blew all night and may have never been deader. This was flatter than Natalya pre-op.
Recommendation: Skip It

Kane vs. Undertaker - Buried Alive Match
Tepid brawling and achy bodies doesn't a good match make. They didn't even tease the burial plot for Tsurata sake. Why'd Nexus get involved again? Just dumb. For a blood feud these guys should have been on each other like a giant mythological monster on a camera crew on an episode of Lost Tapes.
Recommendation: Skip It

Miz & C.M. Punk & John Morrison & Ezekiel Jackson & Santino Marella & R-Truth & Sheamus vs. Big Show & Rey Mysterio & Edge & Kofi Kingston & Jack Swagger & Tyler Reks & Alberto Del Rio - Elimination Match
Wrestling in t-shirts should be left for fat weekend warriors in Northeastern indy feds. A few moments of inspired stuff but this went long and had plenty of botches, miscues, and predictable booking. Hated seeing my boy Del Rio pinned so summarily. Big Show looked like an idiot as team captain getting counted out. I liked Rey's comeback (although I called it 10 min. early).
Recommendation: Skip It

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
Orton's selling was great (real surprise) throughout but that's not enough to get into the worth seeing category, and Barrett's offense was about as limited and uninteresting as a Forge Toro autobiography.
Recommendation: Skip It

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