Friday, October 1, 2010

Geo's Superstars 1996 Ballot

1.) Marc Mero vs. HHH (7-18-96)

Best match so far. Loved the energy and crowd heat and how much offense both guys go it in. I loved HHH selling of the knee lift and Irish whip. Mero’s frankensteiner looked great too. Surprised if this isn’t my #1.

2.) Justin ‘Hawk’ Bradshaw vs. Savio Vega (5-18-96)

Good bumping plus selling by Vega. Great bump by Vega after the failed monkey flip. Solid armwork by Bradshaw on Vega that continued throughout the match. Good intensity shown by both. Finish not show.

3.) Davy Boy Smith & Owen Hart vs. Duke Drosey & Bob Holly (5-11-96)

Fun sprint in the beginning to get the fans into it. Davy and Owen have insane heat pulling out all kinds of heel tactics. Good nearfalls and technically sound. Match got good time as well. Finish not shown.

4.) 123 Kid vs. Shawn Michaels (4-27-96)

Great bump on the back body drop by Kid. Loved the back breaker and how uniquely Kid was set up into it. Both guys weren’t afraid to bump around a lot. Sean went for a swanton and completely missed flat on his back. These guys are nuts. Crazy spiked piledriver as well~! Marked out when Shawn threw Sean into the post upside down!!

5.) Savio Vega vs. Tatanka (3-30-96)

Fun match that went back and forth. Vega is really solid in the ring and has a good confidence about him. Tatanka is big but can move pretty well. Vega hit a great spinning heel kick to end the match.

6.) Davey Boy Smith vs. Savio Vega (8-3-96)

Crisp, clean, good match. Really enjoyed the back-and-forth opening sequencing and the monkey flip on the part of Vega.

7.) Shawn Michaels vs. Shinobi (Al Snow) (2-24-96)

Surprised that Shawn bumped around for Al Snow so much. Snow looked pretty sound in this match and hit a nice tope onto Shawn. Good job of getting the fans behind Shawn by keeping him down on the part of Snow and Cornette. Snow is a pretty sound aerialist as well.

8.) Razor Ramon & Savio Vega vs. Tatanka & 123 Kid (3-9-96)

I really like Kid’s heel tactics in this match (like refusing to tag in when Hall is in the ring). Savio’s spinning heel kick is one to rival Owen’s. Great crowd heat for the hot tag. Loved the finish with Tatanka posing on the ropes with his arms in the air, then Hall grabbing the arms for the Razor’s Edge.

9.) Justin ‘Hawk’ Bradshaw vs. Freddie Joy Floyd (7-11-96)

Surprised at how much of a rub Floyd got. Bradshaw ended up taking his head off with two lariats.

10.) HHH vs. Savio Vega (9-8-96)

Fun match with great transitions and fluidity between moves. Great heel kick by Vega after Perfect steals HHH’s girl.

11.) Justin ‘Hawk’ Bradshaw vs. Jake Roberts (6-15-96)

The sob story of the WWF, the 41 year old Roberts takes on the intense Bradshaw in a match where Bradshaw dominated Roberts. Good ‘exhaustive’ selling by Roberts. Good success story.

12.) Aldo Montoya vs. Owen Hart (2-10-96)

Really loved the cruiser weight style of the match. Montoya looked solid and Owen was awesome as always. Liked Owen head-drag suplex.

13.) Steve Austin vs. Marc Mero (8-17-96)

Glad to see Austin taking on non-jobbers. Liked the solid chain wrestling in the middle of the match. Also loved Austin’s near oversell of the jaw breaker. Mero’s headscissors = awesome.

14.) TL Hopper & Billy Gunn vs. Bart Gunn & Freddie Joe Floyd (11-10-96)

Surprisingly good match. Great bumping by all guys and a good sprint near the end. Billy has good facials.

15.) Vader vs. Savio Vega (12-29-96)

Liked Vader’s punche sin the corner and his domination setting up for Sav’s fiery comeback. Great see Sav pull off power moves on Vader.

16.) Owen & Davey Boy Smith vs. Savio Vega & Jesse James (12-20-96)

Loved Savs heel kick on Owen in the corner. Enjoyed the double shoulder block with Owen and James. JJ’s selling was decent. Also liked Owen’s back spinning heel kick on Savio.

17.) Shawn Michaels vs. Justin ‘Hawk’ Bradshaw (9-29-96)

Good, fast paced match with Bradshaw showing some awesome bumping. Loved it when. Michaels was in the tree of woe and ‘Shaw pulled Mikes back by his neck. Good rollup nearfall by ‘sHaw.

18.) Bart Gunn vs. Steve Austin (11-24-96)

Really nice chain wrestling to start. Really liked Austin’s elbow drop onto Bart’s throat on the apron and and Bart’s sell.

19.) Goldust vs. Hakushi (3-2-96)

Some great technical aspects in this match. Both guys got a lot of offense in. Hakushi really gets the Japnese style over in America. Good nearfalls and good selling by Goldust.

20.) The New Rockers vs. Skip & Zip (5-18-96)

Nice suplex by Leif and nice spike rana. Good pacing in the match although looked sloppy in some spots.

21.) Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett (2-3-96)

Really liked the transitions and quick pace of the matchup. Really great tease for the Razor’s edge near the beginning of the match. Also liked the rope-assisted back suplex by JJ.

22.) Steve Austin vs. The Caribbean Kid (4-13-96)

Really loved how everyone knew that TCK was Savio Vega and how frustrated Austin was because he knew it was him, but couldn’t get the mask off and getting more and more pissed as the match progressed. Good action.

23.) Rad Radford vs. Skip (1-6-96)

Fun match. Radford had some really nice power manuevers -- especially the bridged exploder suplex. Skip bumped around a bunch. Match had a really nice friends-turned-enemies feel.

24.) Justin ‘Hawk’ Bradshaw & Uncle Zebekiah vs. Savio Vega & Freddie Joe Floyd (8-17-96)

Really loved how intense this match started and how intense Savio was after the hot tag. Really dug FJF’s bicycle-like kick maneuver and Savio’s kick.

25.) Justin ‘Hawk’ Bradshaw vs. Bob Holly (1-27-96)

Again expecting a squash, there seemed to be some hope for Holly to finally pull one out as he was started to rock Bradshaw, but would eventually get his head taken off with a clothesline.

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